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Apr 27, 2011 09:38 AM

Springtime in Brussels - Looking for Best outdoor Bar/Dining

I will am looking forward to another weeklong business trip in Brussels. This time it is spring and the weather doesn't look too bad. I'm looking for recs on a great spot to have drinks/beers outdoors in the afternoon or evening. Outdoor restaurant recommendations are appreciated as well.

Basically, I want to know where the best spots are in the city for having a nice beer or cocktail outside enjoying some good springtime weather. (I know, its Brussels, it will be shocking to be there a week without any rain!)

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  1. Actually summer seems to be here in Brussels already so you are in luck.

    Some thoughts for outside patio with cocktails and beers would be Grand Place - Roy d' Espagne would be a good thought due to placement and decent beer list. A couple of blocks on to the West at St. Catherines are several other good ones. Near Roy d' E., there are a few other but I'd skip them in general. Don't eat at R.d'E however.

    If you're feeling more adventurous, head out on the tram to Terveruen and on the central square near the church are two places with good food and drink, less crowds. There are not many options in that square so, I've no doubt you'll find them as long as you stay on the square by the church. Should you have actual interest, I'll find out the names and post.

    1. When I'm in Brussels, I always stay at the Place Jourdan because I like it with its market and the outdoor cafes. There is a kiosk there serving arguably the best fries in Brussels, which you can take and bring to the brasserie just behind it, the last one on the right side, where they tolerate eating the fries as long as you order beer. It has been my best outdoor experience in Brussels so far :-) but some of the other restaurants on the square are not bad either, look for a crowded place.

      1. The Place du Chatelain neighbourhood is a huge hit for those looking for a sidewalk-terrace aperitif - try El Vasco on Rue du Page for Basque charcuterie and wine, or Le Bar next door for mixed drinks and beers. Then there's El Vasco's sister restaurant, le Fils de Jules, right across the street, with a few sidewalk tables for Basque/Landaise cuisine. Or Quentin Pain et Vin also on Rue due Page closer to the Place for "junk food deluxe" and an excellent wine list (the hamburgers aux herbes fraiches are not to be missed).

        In the center, there are any number of bars/cafes on the Place du Sablon, but one of the best for catching the evening sun's rays is Le Perroquet on Rue Watteeu, two blocks due west of the square itself.

        And my all-time favourite beer bar in Brussels, De Moeder Lambic in Saint-Gilles, also has outdoor seating.

        Oh, and can't forget the Ultime Atome on Place Saint-Boniface. Good for drinks and basic eats any time of day, and there are a ton of other restaurants on the Place as well if you can't snag a sidewalk table at UA.