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Apr 27, 2011 09:26 AM

Mimi's Cafe - your favorites!

I became aware of this chain last fall when I attended a meeting held there. I've since been back several times and remain impressed. This has become one chain that I am happy to go to.

Food is always tasty. Nice extra touches not often found in a chain. Terrific nutritional data online - also available on request with a special menu. Service has been great. Coupons are helpful too.

So far I've mainly had breakfasts and one lunch, all have been quite good!

Interested in your experiences...

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  1. Love love love their pumpkin pancakes, which are available seasonally starting mid- to late-October. I also love their pain perdu (sp.) - french toast stuffed w/ cream cheese and orange marmalade. I'll get that if it's not pumpkin pancake season.

    1. Hi... I enjoy their pot roast dinner, as well as their meatloaf dinner. Also, the default side veggies (broccoli, carrots, etc) accompanying the dinners are always perfectly al dente and taste as if they'd been steamed in fragrant broth; I never leave uneaten veggies on my plate there. Good corn bread, too, accompanying the dinners. Also, if memory serves, I like their complimentary breadbasket which includes pumpkin bread...

      1. I absolutely love the corn chowder. And their blueberry biscuits :)

        I really like doing the mix and match for lunch -- you get to pick 2 items out of a list of salads, soups, and half sandwiches.

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          1. They have a burger I love called the French Quarter, which has avocado and bacon and some kind of cheese, and it's served on garlic bread.