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Apr 27, 2011 09:12 AM

Recommendation in Rome

Can any chowhounds recommend some solid non toursity restaurants in Rome? Perhaps, their equivalent of our "Market Table" or "The Harrison"....Tx

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  1. Before everybody (rightly) jumps on you for (a) not looking at previous posts to formulate a shortlist, (b) assuming anyone who posts here would even know where to find a touristy restaurant, and (c) assuming we know where the Harrison and the Market Table are, much less what they are, let us take a moment to consider what you might mean by touristy, or nontouristy.

    There are two broad kinds of restaurants frequented by tourists. One is clearly exploitative -- overpriced awful food, touts outside inviting passersby to come in in foreign languages, etc. The other consists of essentially honest, serious places located in the city center. Many of them serve good local food and wind up with a disproportionate number of foreigners because (a) most locals don't live in the city center, (b) locals eat local food at home, and (c) visitors read about them in guidebooks and on Internet boards and want to go there because they think that locals go there (and, of course, some do).

    Therefore, unless you venture to peripheral neighborhoods, you will dine with other foreigners, but if you choose carefully on the basis of criteria like food, wine, and service, and not the nationality of the other patrons, you will do fine. Now go and read the previous posts on Rome and see what appeals. Then come back with some more specific questions for fine tuning your list.

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      Wow.........what a protocol smackdown!. I assumed most foodies revewing the manhattan board would be new yorkers and thereby get the reference to the type of restaurants I enjoy. I invite you to check out the 2 restaurants I mentioned next time you are in nyc. I will attempt to do more homework and then return with a more focused inquiry with the goal of avoiding overpriced awful food..................JKFinally

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        You're on the Italy board. What makes you think everyone using the Italy board also uses the Manhattan board?

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          I posted my original inquiry on the manhattan board, but Chowhound must have automatically redirected it to the italy board- at least I now know why everyone is giving me a hard time

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            Rome is not so small and has many restaurants not "overpriced".
            Not comparable with the variety (and new openings) you can find in Manhattan, but we need a more focused question in order to try to be helpful.
            Looking forward for more details...

        2. re: JKFinally

          mbfant has lived in Rome for 20+ years. She's an author, a linguist and a contributor to the New York Times. I thought her comments were both cogent and helpful.