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Apr 27, 2011 09:06 AM

Side dishes for crab claws and cheese grits

Family is getting together this Saturday at the beach and having king crab claws, cheese grits, and cole slaw. What should I take that goes with this? I'm thinking a vegetable and a dessert.

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  1. I was going to say coleslaw. On the beach, I think that's enough of a vegetable. As for dessert, how about ice cream bars? Fun, easy to eat and no need for plates or cutlery.

    1. Dessert: how about lemon squares? The sweet-tart flavors should balance out the creaminess of the cheese grits and slaw (assuming you make a mayo-based dressing).

      1. I once made some no-bake smores bars that were the hit of a bbq. That might be fun and transportable. If it was further into summer, I'd say you needed some corn. Maybe some blanched veggies, marinaded in a vinaigrette? I do it with peppers, pearl onions, cauliflower, carrots, etc.

        1. I ditto katecm's suggestion for marinated veggies. They're good chilled and even better when brought to room (or in this case, beach) temperature. My go-to dessert for outdoor events like this is a very rich brownie, which in my case is Maida Heatter's Santa Fe Brownies, made with cream cheese. They're so rich that one recipe feeds a crowd and so sturdy they're easy to transport.

          1. Grilled asparagus - or roasted with EVOO & S&P if they're too skinny to grill. Good at any temp and appropriate to eat with fingers or cutlery (which you must have if eating grits). And I'd go key lime pie for dessert. The foods you've listed are pretty rich, so the lime would be a nice, bright contrast at the end of the meal. Or the lemon squares someone else mentioned, although I find lemon bars to be super sugary.

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              Cook's Illustrated Key Lime Bars - the best of both worlds, and the best recipe for KL Bars I've ever tasted!