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Apr 27, 2011 09:01 AM

recs for something memorable, interesting, and (maybe) quiet in Montreal?

So, living in Vermont, I get to Montreal fairly often, but I usually go with my kids. This summer, however my wife and I will have a couple of nights there on our own, so I'm looking for recommendations for something memorable and interesting and--although this isn't a deal breaker--quiet. I'm not necessarily looking for the top restaurants in the city that churn out tons of settings because of their reputation, but rather something out of the way or eclectic that Chowhound readers can recommend as a place they've taken their significant other/best friend and said--"that was a great evening." Type of cuisine/cost aren't an issue, just good places I wouldn't go "avec les enfants." Thanks!

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  1. And by cost isn't an issue, I mean that I'd much rather have a really good $20 meal than a $200 meal where I'm paying for the reputation/experience.

    1. Nothing to do with your original question, but have you ever been to Hen of The Wood in Waterbury? It's my favorite restaurant in VT and fits all of your above criteria (excellent, market fresh and interesting cuisine, beautiful and quiet/intimate setting in a historic mill on the falls, etc). Now that spring is here, I may take a road trip just for dinner...

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        Yes, HotW is one of our favorites. We once ate one of their appetizers for dessert, it was so good. If we could find a correlate in MTL, that would be great, but I'm also open to other cuisines/styles.

      2. Try Mario Navarrete's Raza (114 Laurier west; 514-227-8712). Memorable, yes; interesting, yes; quiet, yes. Nuevo Latino cooking, and if you ask early enough he might consider the request to make the foie gras empanada again.