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Apr 27, 2011 08:56 AM

Al Antica Pizza in Scarsdale under new management

Ordered from Al Antica last night to find they have changed owners. Some Al Antica pies still there and an expanded menu. Ordered the Margarita was good not as good as before. New name will be Villa Roma.

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  1. Darn! Thanks for the heads up. I was really liking their Margarita and their eggplant parm heroes.
    I also thought the people who worked at Al Antica were really nice.
    I'll give the a try in a few weeks and see how it's holding up.

    1. I saw the "subtle" <cough> sign in the restaurant window (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT) and my first thought was -- why?

      I loved their portabello slices and chicken slices.

      Why did they need new management? Were they not doing well? Were people unhappy?

      And why would they put a sign that huge taking up nearly the whole front window unless they wanted to make a point that All'Antica was a mess or the new owners have oversized egos?

      And why does the world need another restaurant called "Villa Roma?"

      1. here's hoping that the "old management" opens up a new place soon. quality of the pizza being sold by the "new management" is noticeably lacking.

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        1. re: raider

          I will. Need a little break, but I'll be back!

          1. re: pizzaman8

            Pizzaman, I'd come in alot of Wednesdays, and pick up salads too occasionally. Loved your soups. Why'd you leave us suffering with mediocre pizza in your absence? WHY?

            1. re: pizzaman8

              Sincerely miss Al Antica! Would love to know when you have something new in the works!

          2. The original comment has been removed