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Apr 27, 2011 08:24 AM

$8 for a $100 gift certificate at! / Restaurant suggestions..

So, I was checking my facebook this morning (As per usual) and I saw this random deal that showed up on my feed.

They have a promotion going on w/ where you can get an $100 gc from them for $8!!

When you chose that you want the $100 gc and get to the check out section, put in ARDINE as your promocode and boom, 75% off. I was a little skeptical, but I bought one and it apparently works..

I don't know how many times you can use the promocode, but it's awesome. It expires on Saturday.

I've already got a list of places that I'm going to try out
- Chiangmai
- Twenty 9 Restaurant & Bar
- Agiato
- Rum Bar Lounge & Restaurant
- Mediterranean | Middle Eastern
- Casablanca Morracan Cuisine

Does anyone else have any suggestions for places from CC to KOP?

[BTW, I don't work for any of these places nor for allrecipes or I'm just spreading the love]

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  1. Just be careful of the minimum purchase amount and the gratuity they will automatically add....for the $100 gc you have to spend $200 at Twenty 9 and they add 18% gratuity automatically. Probably good deal if you have a large party.

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    1. re: yummykimmy

      I was re-reading a lot of the fine print of the sites, it's not bad, but it's a good deal in comparison to the full price that I could be paying.. Some of them don't include alcohol, but I found a couple that do!

      1. re: glamazonjade

        It's always easier to use if they include alcohol, but apparently they're not supposed to:

    2. Also, if you sign up on, they'll send you emails with the promo codes. They start with 50% off (not just for the $100, for all of them), a few days later it will drop to 60%, then 70%, and finally they stop with 80%. I've found a few really good deals on there (always waiting for the 80%), especially for SPTR and Good Dog, but yummykimmy is right, you have to be careful with the fine print.

      Edited to add: Through Saturday, April 30th they are on the 80% streak, use the code BONUS for any of the gift certs.

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      1. re: urbanfabric

        They do one w/ Good Dog? Eeek, I want to go there so badly. That roqufert stuffed burger with a side of sweet and regular shoestring fries has been calling my name!!

      2. Just wanted to mention that they have a new promotion I found through travelzoo today. Code MOTHERS for 80% off coupon. I purchased one for Olive on 3rd.

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        1. re: potroastcat

          Cichetteria 19 on Ritttenhouse Square has terrific "small plates" (Cichetti) that are wonderful and make a great meal. Skip the entrees and share several of the cichetti, they are the best things on the menu! They participate in

          P.S. You can also buy $50 certificates for $4, and $25 certificates for $2.

        2. likely makes up these deals on people who never cash in. I live in a rural area, and I've had some of these "gifts" but mostly through online sites. I've not yet been able to find one that I could cash out. I've sent them along to my son in Chapel Hill and brother in Dayton. No go. All the little details render them worthless. While I could see the coupons as a good deal for some, I would not suggest going this route if gifting another person (unless you know they deals can be used). It's nice to see that you get a $25 GC, but when you can't use it, then the $5 (or whatever was paid) is money down the drain in the end. Nice model for underwriting those who can cash in. Enjoy.

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          1. re: CyndiA

            I've used certificates several times, they are legit. The way the finances go, (from a restaurant owner) is that the website keeps all the proceeds from the sale of the certificates, and the restaurant sucks up the discount. The resto is hoping to get a regular customer, so this is just like advertising.

            1. re: CyndiA

              I totally agree with you CindiA.. It can be hard to find a place to go to find something good or that's worth spending that much. I can honestly say that I never thought I'd have a problem trying to make it to the minimum but I've had issues with it. I think that has to do more w/ my allergies than anything else.. It's hard to have dessert or try new apps when you're allergic to eggs and shellfish..

              1. re: glamazonjade

                Most of the deals are a $25 certificate for $2. This is a good deal! I have successfully used these certificates about a half-dozen times. Why don't you try a place or 2 from your list above?

                1. re: menton1

                  I bought one of the deals through Friends and Family $8 for $100 at I bought it to use on a trip to Charleston. I first checked and saw a bunch fo places where I'd use it. What I found in order to use that certain cert I had to go to, plug in the cert number and choose from there. Problem was that the restaurant I had to choose from was much more limited than what I found on just And then some of them had huge minimum that you had to spend. Just be careful is all.