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Apr 27, 2011 07:38 AM

Urban Legends of Le Tub

Whenever I have out of town guests, I take them to Le Tub. 99% of the time I have a good experience and the burger is still the best in town. Every time I go, I'm fascinated by the various urban legends/rumors I hear about that place (e.g., the owners hate being busy, they once took the burger off the menu for two years, etc.)

It got me wondering...what rumors have you heard about our celebrated dive? Do you know if they're true or not?

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

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  1. If you tell the waitress or waiter to fck off when you order your burger is $2.00. Serious. Try it

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Haha! Sure let me put my suit of armor on and try it.

      1. re: The Chowfather

        Ok, I thought this was a joke but I wasn't sure so yesterday when I was there for lunch I ordered my burger and then kinda muffled my voice a little and said, "fuck off?" like a question so in case it wasn't true I could play it off. Well, it totally worked! The waitress said she didn't know anyone still knew about that cuz she had been there for 7 years and hadn't heard it in at least 5!! We laughed about my delivery for a few minutes haha. $2 for a 13oz burger! It was awesome and hilarious at the same time!

        1. re: Blind Mind

          all right! must go back that'll make the 45 minute wait for the burger worth it. I think they only cook 2 burgers at a time, they sure know how to make you wait there.

          1. re: smartie

            You shouldn't go to Le Tub if you're in a hurry. It's more a place to leave the cares of the day behind, and just enjoy the experience. Breathe in, breathe out, watch the water, enjoy the bugs and birds, and the food when it finally arrives. Don't go with a time constraint.

      2. my buddy used to buy gas there when it was a sunoco gas station

        1. Use one of the outside decorative toilets for a real surprise!

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          1. re: Icantread

            And where is the $2 F-Off Burger located?? I'll wait for a great $2 burger! And I am GREAT at telling people to 'F-Off!"

            Ft. Pierce, FL

            1. re: LargeLife

              It's @ Le Tub! I told my sales rep next time I'm up there we're going! He loved the concept haha!

              Le Tub
              1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

              1. re: Blind Mind

                I think it's hilarious! I've got to get down there one of these days!

          2. Is it an urban legend if it's true? Have definitely been to the Tub and had a server who was annoyed to bring me anything. Also, had a friend who called after the Maxim article came out and the guy who answered the phone yelled and hung up on him because he asked how to get there. It doesn't bother me because I know going in, the burger is incredible, and I expect to spend awhile there. It's relaxing, easy, on the water, and the drinks are STRONG. But, I can never bring ANYONE uptight about food...

            1. Rumor: If you try to order water, they glare at you with hate, shake their head and point disgustedly in the direction of a giant beat up looking Coleman cooler that looks like it spent the last 10 years of its life bungeed to the back of a landscaping truck, and tell you to get it yourself.
              Status: True. Evidence: Personal Experience

              Rumor: If you don't finish your peel 'n eat shrimp, they give the uneaten ones, shells and all, to the neighborhood cat who hangs around there.
              Status: True Evidence: Personal Experience

              Rumor: The cat was kidnapped by a patron.
              Status: Unknown. The cat is no longer around, though.

              Rumor: Every time you go, at least one member of your party will have a palmetto bug either run up their pant leg or drop from above into their hair.
              Status: True. Evidence: Personal Experience.

              Rumor: Cook is a loose cannon. If a waiter orders too many cheeseburgers in a row, the cook will scream at him/her, "If you order one more f***ing burger, I'm walking out!!" Or, the cook will be in a great mood and casually chat with you hanging in the doorway of the kitchen.
              Status: True.