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Desperately Seeking a Good Vegetarian Chocolate Cake

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I'm going to a pot-luck tomorrow where the hostess is a vegetarian (eggs are ok - but no dairy). I said I'd bring desert and she loves dark chocolate. I have no idea where to start although I've heard that silken tofu makes a good addition. Would anyone out there have a good recipe that looks and tastes as good as the "real" thing, with icing.

Any help would be appreciated - time is running out!

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  1. Try a Nigella flourless chocolate cake recipe...made one looong ago & came out quite good.


    Googled (nigella lawson flourless chocolate cake) another recipe of hers but includes butter, perhaps substitute oil?

    Oh forgot, in a pinch, you can make chocolate covered strawberries...I used bittersweet chocolate with 54% cocoa solids.

    1. Initially, you title was really confusing...I was trying to think of ANY Chocolate Cake recipe that had meat in it.

      I think that you meant to say "Chocolate Cake Recipe for Lactose Intolerant". Even if the person is not Lactose Intolerant, it might be a little less confusing.

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        Thanks, I'll repost. Always helps to have a second pair of eyes!

      2. Google the recipe for "wacky cake", which is made with oil, nicely chocolate-y. The Cafe Beaujolais (OBM) cookbook has a similar recipe for a 2-layer cake which went well with a mocha frosting.

        1. I make the Chocolate Bomb Cake from the Post Punk Kitchen for a vegan friend's birthday a couple years ago. It is more like a pudding cake as some of the batter remains gooey on the top. It was decadent!

          1. Replacing milk in cakes is easy - I usually use almond milk, but soy milk also works very well. (I haven't tried rice/oat milks, as I figure it's better to use something with more protein, as it's more similar to actual milk.) Any oil-based chocolate cake should be fine, like Black Magic cake: http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/4754/...
            Can't help you with the icing - I don't really like non-dairy icings, and tend to just dust with cocoa powder or confectioner's sugar.

            1. I can't find the recipe online, but I don't think the Joy of Cooking's Texas Sheet Cake contains milk ... but that may be what the "replace with coffee" option is subbing for?

              Can't think of any cakes that aren't vegetarian, unless the recipe calls for lard?

              1. Thanks everyone for all your help. I now have a lot of ideas to work from. Awesome.