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Apr 27, 2011 06:35 AM

Desperately Seeking a Good Vegetarian Chocolate Cake

I'm going to a pot-luck tomorrow where the hostess is a vegetarian (eggs are ok - but no dairy). I said I'd bring desert and she loves dark chocolate. I have no idea where to start although I've heard that silken tofu makes a good addition. Would anyone out there have a good recipe that looks and tastes as good as the "real" thing, with icing.

Any help would be appreciated - time is running out!

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  1. Try a Nigella flourless chocolate cake recipe...made one looong ago & came out quite good.

    Googled (nigella lawson flourless chocolate cake) another recipe of hers but includes butter, perhaps substitute oil?

    Oh forgot, in a pinch, you can make chocolate covered strawberries...I used bittersweet chocolate with 54% cocoa solids.

    1. Initially, you title was really confusing...I was trying to think of ANY Chocolate Cake recipe that had meat in it.

      I think that you meant to say "Chocolate Cake Recipe for Lactose Intolerant". Even if the person is not Lactose Intolerant, it might be a little less confusing.

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        Thanks, I'll repost. Always helps to have a second pair of eyes!

      2. Google the recipe for "wacky cake", which is made with oil, nicely chocolate-y. The Cafe Beaujolais (OBM) cookbook has a similar recipe for a 2-layer cake which went well with a mocha frosting.

        1. I make the Chocolate Bomb Cake from the Post Punk Kitchen for a vegan friend's birthday a couple years ago. It is more like a pudding cake as some of the batter remains gooey on the top. It was decadent!

          1. Replacing milk in cakes is easy - I usually use almond milk, but soy milk also works very well. (I haven't tried rice/oat milks, as I figure it's better to use something with more protein, as it's more similar to actual milk.) Any oil-based chocolate cake should be fine, like Black Magic cake:
            Can't help you with the icing - I don't really like non-dairy icings, and tend to just dust with cocoa powder or confectioner's sugar.