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Apr 27, 2011 04:36 AM

Key lime pie in metrowest?

Hi all -

It's my wedding anniversary tonight and my husband and I are dining in Newton Highlands (51 Lincoln Street, which we're really looking forward to). My husband adores key lime pie and I'd like to find a place where we could stop for some for dessert on the way home. We live in Northborough.

Any suggestions for somewhere??

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  1. don't know of any place serving desert post-dinner in that area. trader joe's makes a decent frozen key lime. they are easy to bake and you might want to make your own.

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      I never thought I would utter these words on Chowhound but your best bet might be the Cheesecake Factory. While not a traditional key lime pie they do have and the Natick location may be on your way home if you take Route 9. I know, not a great option but maybe it is better than nothing. Not too many options in the area post 9PM.

    2. Legal SeaFood on Route 9 eastbound side in Framingham has Key Lime Pie.

      1. The Sole Proprietor has a non-traditional key lime pie that's ridiculous. Maybe you could grab it to go beforehand and have it at home after dinner?

        Happy A.

        Sole Proprietor
        118 Highland St., Worcester, MA 01609

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