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Apr 27, 2011 03:37 AM

Dining near West Chester

I need to arrange a soccer team dinner for 18 girls and their parents in the West Chester/Frazer area. Does anyone have any ideas of a fun place to go that can handle a big group but the food is still good? We are coming from New York City and are hoping to avoid something too commercial. I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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  1. For a group that size, you might consider Mas Mexicali. Its standard Tex Mex food with a little bit of a twist (korean short rib tacos etc). Definitely can accomodate large parties. Has roof top dining which is nice in good weather.

    You also have a branch of the Iron Hill Brewery chain in West Chester that could accomodate a large party. They have wood fired pizzas and standard pub fare. Take a look at their menu at

    Neither of these places are going to blow you away with great food.. but thats probably not what you are looking for with a group that size. Definitely call ahead first where ever you end up going to.

    Both of these places are in West Chester proper. Others may have other suggestions nearer to Frazer.

    1. McKenzies Rte 30 in Frazer is good and the parents will have fun also

      1. i had a bunch of suggestions until i saw how many people. most of the places in downtown west chester are quite small.

        downingtown has the victory brewery with a restaurant that is quite large, not sure of the age of this soccer team though, might not be fun for underaged persons

        1. I'd recommend Iron Hill Brewery. They have a private room in the back with its own bar. We've been to a number of private parties there and its a nice space. Good food and beer.

          1. You might want to check out Foxfire at the Stone Barn, just outside Kennett Square. They can easily accommodate a large group in a private room, the setting is beautiful, the prices are reasonable, and the food is quite good.

            Also, in Avondale, Taqueria Moroleone is quite good and very reasonable. I think they have a private room for parties, too.