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Apr 26, 2011 10:12 PM

Rice Cooker for Sushi Rice

I've been reading the archives on rice cookers and I'm finding a lot of good info, but I still have some questions. I want to get a rice cooker for my sister. She mostly cooks for herself & her 2 kids, but sometimes for a bigger group. They would mostly use the rice cooker for sushi rice (much of what I've been reading has been re: regular white rice). I'm sure she would prefer not-nonstick (nor aluminum). I don't think she'd want to use it for steaming veg or other -- but might be curious to try it if it was available.

So, what would you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Short grain glutinous rice=Japanese rice="sushi" rice. The old school Zojirushi cookers are reliable:

    1. I love my tiger rice cooker. It cooks my sushi rice, basmati etc. All to perfection.

      1. I use my Zojirushi for cooking sushi rice all the time.

        1. I own a Cuckoo that cooks sushi rice perfectly, so my vote is for them. However, every model of every manufacturer I have seen (Cuckoo, Lihom, Zojirushi, Tiger) use nonstick pots, so... good luck with that. There is a company (I want to say VitaClay or something like that) that makes Asian-style rice cookers with clay pots, and they're sold on Amazon... no idea how good they are, though.