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Banff for the day...

Heading out to Banff for the Friday (day) - no vehicle...breakfast and lunch suggestions.... good groceries and wine to bring home for Friday dinner...

anything that I shouldn't miss..

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        1. Bison isn't open for lunch .. so I'll give Wild Flour Cafe a try...
          Canmore for dinner seems like the plan to have...

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            Oh? That must be new. We went there for lunch several times.

          2. Coyote Cafe (or whatever it's called) is a breakfast possibility. i've had excellent and not so excellent experiences there - it's quite inconsistent. just throwing that out there. :P

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              according to Bison website only has dinner and brunch menu - ? Possibly after May long weekend it will include lunch....

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                The downstairs room at Bison should be open for lunch. It might go by a different name though (Bear Street Tavern maybe?). Serves pizza, etc. and very good.

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                  That's right. The main floor has a different name. Same kitchen though as far as I know. Same great food, anyways.

            2. you won't miss the 30cm+ of snow thats fallen here overnight!!

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                The snow did not deter the mission... actually turned out to be a wonderful day ....!
                Headed to Wild Flower for Coffee..nothing there spoke to me for breakfast...seemed a different atmosphere than usual...(so disappointed that Three Wild Women next door had closed its doors April 4th....winter was not kind to a few businesses - who now have moved on...

                Had lunch at Nourish Cafe.. the Beautiful Burrito..most offerings are meant for two, I was solo so plenty of food..the burrito was filled with nuts, dried fruit, fresh strawberries - beans - a really different taste couldn't put a name on it, sweet savory nutty and ? I'd think better shared as an appetizer..

                The atmosphere was friendly and very enjoyable...next table was loving the natchos - think I'll try them next time...

                A little on the pricey side for lunch however, Banff seemed expensive in the food offerings everywhere and it was nice to have something different...

                Will go back with friend in tow.. try a few other entrees..

                Thanks for suggestion(s)