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Apr 26, 2011 06:29 PM

Quintessential Houston Fine Dining

coming in late may and looking for the absolute best Houston has to offer, considering Catalan and Feast, what are your recs?

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  1. Love Catalan but a little worried about it since the chef is leaving soon and the sommelier they had left a couple of months ago. Hate to sound the alarm though since I have not been recently. $ for $ best restaurant I have ever been to from food to unbelievable wine prices.

    Marks is fine dining and Tony's is quintessential just not extremely interesting.

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        I know Catalan got a lot of good reviews here and other places, but I had two pretty bad meals there. I know they are changing their name, but are they closed during the transition?

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          FYI - Chef Shepherd at Catalan's left May 1st. The Chef that worked along side him will remain until Catalan closes sometime this summer. The space will then reopen as an Italian restaurant and Catalan's will be no more. Until then you can still go. No word as to their last day of operation. (this is per an email my husband received as part of thier mailing list)

    1. Da Marco is another consistent Houston fine dining favorite.

      Da Marco
      1520 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006

      1. What about Bootsie's in Tomball?

          1. Hugo's comes to my mind, everything underneath is solid