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Apr 26, 2011 05:25 PM

Dry Aged Beef in Central PA

Anyone have any recommendations for restaurants and/or butchers in Central PA that make/sell good dry aged beef?

Just picked up a pair of Dry Aged Angus Beef Strip Steaks at Wegman's the other day and it was a real eye opener. Excited to try out other cuts and preparations from places around the area.

Stopped by Culhanes today (apparently voted best steakhouse in Harrisburg? Can this be? and asked them if any of their steaks were dry aged... a resounding no).


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  1. Try swinging by Pierre's in New Cumberland. It has been there forever and over the years, we have never been disappointed. They may be able to direct you their source for meat.

    I have no faith in any of the Harrisburg rankings, btw. So many of the "winners" make me go huh?

    1. Pierre's now appears to be Fireside. Any reviews to mention? Anyone else out there appreciate dry aged beef? What about at the Bricco meat store or farmer's market?

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      1. re: tolkiennut

        NO! My husband will be so disappointed. We always stopped by when passing through that area.

        Bricco might be a good resource.

      2. Jackpot! Olewine's in Harrisburg (Meat/Cheese store for Bricco) had Dry Aged Ribeyes and for a very decent price!

        1. They're located more so in the Lancaster County region,
          Stauffers does their own dry aged beef. Very good quality.
          They do run specials on it on occasion.