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Apr 26, 2011 05:11 PM

gluten free low carb recipes???

hello i am looking for some gluten free, low carb, higher protein, recipes main meals, dessert ect... i recently had weight loss surgery and glutens and carbs are not my friend anymore

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  1. Take a look at the recipes here:

    They are mostly sweet, but there are some savory. The recipes initially focused on almond flour, but have branched out to coconut flour as well. I believe she follows a paleo diet which is low carb and gluten free by nature. The sweets are probably out due to agave nectar, but you might find a place to start.

    1. I like as well. Another favourite is She has a wide variety of yummy and creative dishes. I've made a lot of them and can say they have been delicious.

      1. You may want to look into Paleo meal sites, especially for desserts. The Paleo diet is a bit more stringent in that it excludes all grains, sugar, and dairy, but they are gluten free and low carb for the most part...

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          Link's right. I had GF stuck in my head rather than low carb.

        2. Congrats on your surgery! A great source of wls- friendly recipes and food guidance can be found at (it also has a great support group). That website has been my best friend thru my 5-year wls journey. Best wishes!