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Apr 26, 2011 04:53 PM

Where to buy good lamb

Okay so having lived in Vancouver for many years I still haven't found a great, fail safe spot to buy good lamb. I like lamb that tastes like lamb and find that a lot of lamb in the GVRD is too mild, so I am turning to all chowhounds for their recommendations. Thank you to all in advance

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  1. I would suggest Columbus Meats, Cioffi, Jackson's Meats and Windsor meats as they all have local lamb. Should be able to google them all.

    Good luck

    1. No personal experience, but I would think that a Halal butcher would be a great place to look.

      1. People often recommend Stong's Grocery on Dunbar for lamb. I had a pretty good leg (butt end) roast from there last week, and really enjoyed it. If anything, they have a better selection than any other supermarket I've seen.

        1. Rempel Meats Abbotsford?

          1. Armando's at Granville Island - best local rack of lamb in town. Amazing! Don't cook it too long.