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Apr 26, 2011 03:53 PM

Travelling to France in June

My husband and I will be traveling to France the first part of June. We'll have an extra day on the front end and back end of our tour in Paris. Additionally, we have many open dinners during the tour in Mon-St-Michele, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, and Angers. I'm an adventurous foody but my husband needs to find one thing on the menu he recognizes ( steak frites, roast chicken, etc.). Can you offer suggestions on places we should try. While in Paris, we're staying in the Saint Germain-des-Pres area. Money is not a consideration, but we're comfortable in both informal bistros and nicer restaurants. Thanks for all the help.

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  1. Just south of Angers, right at the appelation of Savennieres in the village of Behuard is a restaurant called Les Tonnelles. Had a wonderful meal there a few years back with sandre and a great wine list, as well as super service on a sunny Sunday lunch.

    1. you'd be fairly hard put to find a French (as in specialising in the food of France, rather than another culture/country) that wouldn't have chicken or steak somewhere on the menu.

      1. Question: What else does your husband recognize besides steak frites and chicken? Any fish? This question depends entirely on his experience, and we don't have an inkling about it.
        Certain food dishes feature instantly recognizable items, like eel, frog legs, quail. Do you mean your husband would eat those because the form is instantly recognizable and he knows what he's eating, or do you mean he has a … more focused food comfort zone?

        Le Quincy is a meat & potato kinda place, and so is Les Papilles. Both very good. The former is time-machine traditional. Hey, the last time I had very good sautéed frog legs there. Anyone would recognize frog legs, I would think.

        In the Loire:
        In Lavardin (a listed most beautiful village not far from many Loire castles), there is a wonderful traditional restaurant with recognizable dishes: Le Relais d'Antin. But go only on good weather, when you can sit in the garden in front of the view of the medieval bridge. The interior is quite glum.

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          He's not going to eat offal. He'll eat fish. He loves sauces and breads. I'll eat (and love the adventure) almost anything.

        2. Our best meal in Paris was actually at L'as du Fallfel for lunch. Great ethnic food and didn't feel like we were in some make believe Paris bistro that caters to tourists. Best meal in France was iin Frontevraud at Platangenet. We also were tole L'unicorn was eccelant. I did have a crepe at L'Avant Comptier but we did not get a chance to eat a meal time.

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            "L'as du Fallfel for lunch. Great ethnic food and didn't feel like we were in some make believe Paris bistro that caters to tourists."

            L'As du Fallafel ?

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              L'as du Falafel is pretty good but if it was the best in Paris I am afraid you missed out big time. The OP illustrates a common posting problem, that is generic requests without prior research on boards get poor responses. Maybe a more targeted request would have got more considered responses and better suggestions and so Falafel would have been a good but not the best you would have experienced.

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                You have to understand that this was not really a foodie trip but an extra day in Paris added at the beginning and end of a tour. We had a group meal already planned so we really didn't have a lot of opportunity to explore food. I have to say that the Paris board is not as tolerant of occasional posters as other boards I've been on. Had I known this I don't think I would have posted in the first place. I was just trying to do as requested and post the meals I had on the trip.

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                  "You have to understand that this was not really a foodie trip"

                  Really? What's the name TTownFoodie about?

                  Phil observed that L'As du Fallafel is good but not the best, and you found that unfriendly? In short, the only friendly thing would have been to say that it was the best. Et ce, after all the info that the France board contributed?

                  L'As du Fallafel
                  34 Rue des Rosiers, Paris, Île-de-France 75004, FR

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                    I was just trying to explain that some trips center around food for me and some have a different purpose like this one. The "foodie" in TTownfoodie has as much to do with my cooking obsession as it does with eating out. The comment on the board referred to being taken to task for not just reading previous posts and be satisfied. I spent hours pouring over Chowhound and other sites before the trip so I didn't just make a random post. I was asking as much about the smaller towns because it's much harder to find info on them. I personally found the food better in the outlying areas. I appreciate the suggestions, however, and would now like to conclude this discussion.