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Apr 26, 2011 03:11 PM

charcoal grill for fish, pizza & veggies?

I am shopping for a new grill and I would appreciate recommendations. We do not eat meat so many of the reviews are not really applicable. We do grill fish as well as veggies, seitan and pizza. I have looked at the green egg grill, but wonder if it is worth the price if we won't be cooking meat? Perhaps the basic webber is really all we need? Any thoughts?

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  1. If pizza wasn't a requirement, I would have suggested a Japanese konro grill

    1. the green egg or other ceramics are used to keep low temps for a long time for cooking tough cuts of meat, i think it would be a waste of money for you. however they can get super hot temps for pizza. . .

      anyway, if it were my money i would probably get a weber since it will be fine for fish and one of the main features of the egg would be going to waste. also all that money you save by not buying the egg can be spent on expensive wild alaskan salmon which is awesome on the grill.

      1. I love my Portable Kitchen grill. Great for two people. Gets hot quickly and maintains heat well. The 4 vents make it very adjustable in terms of air flow.
        I agree on the Egg comments. They are nice, but best for slow cooking and meat. Overkill or just not optimal for quick grilling.

        1. how serious are you about pizza? For pizza, the Egg is definitely worth the bucks if it's something you're serious about and make all the time. But if you're not seriously into pizza probably not worth the money for you and a Weber kettle would probably serve you really well.

          1. Big Green Egg for sure. It makes incredible pizza. You can do fish and veggies on almost anything.

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                I've seen mine at 1000 degrees dome temp. I don't have an infrared therm to check what temp it was at grate level.