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Apr 26, 2011 02:49 PM

Anything in Burnet - the town, not the road?

We are headed out there in a few weeks to run a race and are looking for a Saturday dinner and maybe a Sunday lunch. The number one requirement for dinner is that it doesn't cause food poisoning. . .
I would prefer something other then BBQ, a burger joint or anything else too greasy/heavy/etc.
Pizza or pasta are classic pre-race meals, but I'm not expecting anything authentic.
I really have no idea what kind of options are in Burnet, so I am open to any suggestions. If burgers and BBQ are the only thing in town, that is good to know also.
Lunch on Sunday might be a great time to eat some post-race chips and salsa, so I will definitely appreciate Mexican recs.

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  1. Not aware of any Italian. The Maxican across from the airport is a nice, sit down restaurant with an all around, although Tex-centric, menu. But the food is good and you get free back rubs from the owner's mom. Tea-licious on the plaza is good for light dishes (quiche, salads, etc.) but I don't know if they're open for dinner. For Tex Mex there's a good one across from HEB on 29, but the name escapes me.

    1. Are you running at Reveille Peak? If so, they do have a decent kitchen there, and I've seen them bring in people to cook. Only things like burgers, but they taste pretty good after a long trail!