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Where: Niman Ranch Ham Steak & Bacon

My kids like ham. Trader Joes hasn't had either in stock for weeks so I assume they have discontinued both.

Where can I find either product locally, particularly the ham steak?

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      1. I asked the last time I went to Trader Joe's and they told me that they had indeed discontinued all Niman Ranch products. Something to do with the prices going up. I am very disappointed as I don't want another store to have to go to :(

        1. I am still trying to find a source for Niman Ranch ham steaks in LA. I haven't found them anywhere and my calls/email to Niman Ranch have not been returned. Please let me know if you've seen them anywhere.

          My brain almost exploded last weekend when I spotted the mythic ham steak at the Berkeley Bowl but I was already at my limit in raw and cured plane meat.

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            I have seen them at select Bristol Farms and Sprouts markets. I would call first because not all of them carry it. I know for a fact that Bristol Farms in Newport Beach carries both sporadically, most cases the bacon but it would not hurt to call. I have also bought the bacon, ham steaks, and apple sausages (I love those things) at Sprouts.

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              Hum. Time to start calling again. They didn't have any last round...

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                I definitely saw the ham steaks today at Sprouts in Chino Hills.

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                  Thanks you very much. I am delighted with a confirmed sighting.

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                    Yup! Saw all sorts of Niman Ranch items at the Culver City Sprouts today INCLUDING the ham. They had a package of pre-cooked pulled pork which looked intriguing. We are getting our fridge fixed this weekend, so I didn't buy it this time... next week though for sure! SLIDER dinner! ;)


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                      I recommend the little apple cinnamon sausage links. They are so good. I was weary at first but they are excellent with a subtle touch of apple and cinnamon.

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                  I'm pretty sure Huntington Meats at the Fairfax Farmers Markets carries their products. Don't
                  know about the ham steak, but it would be worth a call. If they don't have them, I'm pretty sure they would get them for you.

              2. Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica may still have Niman Ranch products.
                1525 Broadway (16th & Broadway) Santa Monica, CA 90404
                Hours 7am-10pm
                Phone 310.451.8902

                1. Huntington Meats in the Farmer's Market may carry it.

                  1. Surfas carries Nueske bacon which is also excellent, if you can't find Niman Ranch.

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                      Nueske does make excellent, actually better bacon. The ham steak is wonderful. (Both at Gelsons too). But they use industrial hogs which we try to avoid. Niman's ham steak was great for things like lunchtime fried rice and the like.

                    2. So... I finally was able to pick up a couple of packages of ham steak at the Chasens Bristol Farms today. Perhaps NR was having supply problems because I was previously told that they would be willing to order them and had ordered them but they never came. Either way, fry up tomorrow!

                      1. Updated to note that Bristol Farms has now stocks it at two locations: Chasen's and Sunset. Hurrah.

                        1. Sprouts carry Niman
                          ranch bacon, saw it last week for 5.99 a pack I think they normally sell for 6.50