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Apr 26, 2011 12:44 PM

Another once a week question...

What do you love so much you must eat it at least once a week?

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  1. That's easy for me...pasta!

    1. Fruit salad, but the exact contents may vary.

      1. Cheese! Truly, that's a daily obsession. Rare is the day I go completely without cheese. The year I had to go dairy/soy free because I was BFing my dairy-allergic baby was VERY hard.

        1. Pizza.

          At least once a week. Oftentimes, I'll have pizza a few times a week. Twice at lunch during the workweek and one time during the week for dinner would probably be an appropriate average estimate of my pizza consumption.

          1. Bircher muesli -- one particular formulation I've perfected that includes both almonds and raspberries. It's so good that I crave it almost daily, and eat it almost daily, but I cannot imagine a week without it, regardless of what other breakfast options were available. Even though I ate it for breakfast this morning I could happily eat it for dinner as well.

            But pasta and eggs are right up there. It'd be a sad week without one or both of those.