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Apr 26, 2011 12:23 PM

Nota Bene...anyone been recently?

Was wondering if anyone has been here recently and is it worth going to.
What would be good to order?

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  1. The softshell crab is amazing, it's done in a Southwest style with (I think) ancho chilis (or maybe it was a guajillo chili??) sauce. The hamachi ceviche is also outstanding.

    Also tried the black cod (excellent) and the veal tortelloni which was also very good.

    1. they have a wagyu burger promotion on for japan, order the burger and a sapporo for $45 and $10 of it goes to red cross. the wagyu burger was the highlight of taste of toronto a couple years back and other friends highly recommend it.

      will have to make the stop in for that and the softshell crab it seems!