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Apr 26, 2011 12:15 PM

Two weeks in Sicily - Need some specific suggestions!

My newly-minted wife and I are leaving this weekend for a two week honeymoon in Sicily. Very exciting! Here's the catch: we are vegetarians (dairy and eggs are fine, as is fish in small quantities, but no shellfish, red meat, etc.). We have spent time in Palermo and eaten VERY well despite our dietary restrictions. Our itinerary this time is taking us a little further afield, though, and we need some advice. We are aware of La Foglia in Siracusa and have a solid plan for Palermo, but beyond that ...

Our itinerary is below - any recommendations are greatly appreciated. There are also some specific requests for suggestions from knowledgeable 'Hounds! We will have a car and are willing to make a trek for a great meal.

- 4 nights in Noto
- 3 nights in Monreale/Palermo
- 3 nights in Erice
- 3 nights in Lipari

Specific requests:

- Lunch near Fontanarossa Airport?
- Dinner in Noto?
- Dinner in Modica?
- Lunch in Caltagirone?
- Best pizza in Monreale? (I'm told there are many good options)
- Dinner in Trapani?
- A good bar in Marsala to sample a range of local wines?
- Best places, island-wide, to eat artichokes in season? (This is basically the whole reason we're going)

Many, many thanks in advance!

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  1. In Noto, there is the fabulous Caffe Sicilia, which has the most amazing granitas and original pastries. Nothing like it in the world ...

    Caffe Sicilia
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele ,125, Noto, Sicilia 96017, IT

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      Yes, that is very much on our radar screen! Anywhere else in town to recommend, for a more substantial meal?

    2. I am not a vegetarian so am very reluctant to make suggestions because I ate a ton of fish and meat while we were in Sicily last month. Hmm.

      We had a fantastic lunch at Ristorante La Gazza Ladra in Modica. This is an upscale place. Definitely check the menu (or better, call the restaurant) and see what appeals given dietary limitations/desires.

      In Siracusa we enjoyed Oinos, but again, I loved the fish there.

      If for whatever reason your ramblings take you through Agrigento, I think the little wine bar Spizzulio could very easily accommodate vegetarians. The cheese and olive oil are fantastic. So is the caponata. I don't think we had any meat or fish that evening and we were all very satisfied.

      Via della Giudecca, 69, Siracusa, Sicilia 96100, IT

      Via Panoramica Valle dei Templi, 23, Agrigento, Sicilia 92100, IT

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        adding link

        Ristorante La Gazza Ladra
        Via Blandini, Modica, Sicily 97015, IT

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          Looks wonderful. Thanks for the rec!

          Any more out there?

          (BTW: As compensation, I will be sure to post a full report on the trip when I get back!)