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Apr 26, 2011 09:25 AM

the best Chicago style restaurants in DFW

Hello ! hey you guys i am assistant coordinator for EX-Chicagoans in DFW and we venture out into the metroplex to find Chicago owned and Chicago food joints. So far we have hit a few goodies and most of them are in the Plano/ Frisco areas. Chicago St and Rosati's sit down restaurants in McKinney are definetly worth the drive! then there is another Rosati's and Chicago's finest carryout in Frisco/Plano. We found a awesome Platia Greek Kouzina off Gaylord and Preston that are owned by two hard working sisters straight from Halsted Street and that restaurant makes everything by scratch!!
In Keller there is Celio's and Weinbergers Deli in Grapevine. Calabrio's, The Chicago Corner, Danny's Pizza(2 bros from Melrose Park) all in Arlington. Chicago Rick's in Carrollton that has been here awhile. Louie's in downtown Dallas. Just go to meetup dot com and we have a great group of people to talk about where you are from, how you got down here and talk about "DA BEEFS" Cubbies, Sox,Hawks, Bulls, etc.....
hope i did not leave any place out, if you know of a good chicago place just add them here and our group has a Chicago Ties email that we send out for Ex-Chicago owned or Chicago food restaurants in the DFW metroplex! Mangia! Mangia! Ciao!

6204 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76001

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