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Apr 26, 2011 09:00 AM

What are the food specialties of Fort Worth?

General question about Fort Worth's food culture:

Does the city offer a cuisine or unique local dish that is only available in the immediate area? Something which cannot be found on the Dallas side of the Metroplex, much less other parts of the state or nation? Something which is inextricably linked with Fort Worth's identity?

If not, is there a food or cuisine that, although not unique to Fort Worth, is nonetheless strongly identified with the city? Something that would constitute a "must eat" for food-loving visitors? Something which is noticeably better in Fort Worth than anywhere else in the state?

In what ways are the local food specialties of Fort Worth different from the other major Texas cities, including Dallas?

Thanks in advance. I tried looking this up elsewhere but couldn't find the answers to my questions.

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  1. Are you a food blogger writing a piece on Ft Worth?

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      Nope. Just curious, since I'll be visiting the area this summer for the first time and wanted to check out the food scene in both major cities of the Metroplex.

      There's a lot of talk online about Dallas' food scene, but I haven't really gotten a sense of the ways in which Fort Worth distinguishes itself from Dallas and other cities in Texas. As I understand, there are some notable differences between the cultures of Fort Worth and Dallas, so I figured those differences might extend to the food specialties as well.

      Now that I've cleared that up, I'd love to hear your take on my original query, thanks.

    2. For example, how are the steakhouses in Fort Worth? I'd have to assume that steak would be one of the city's specialties, right? What about Tex-Mex - is it one of the top foods in the city, or merely ok? How does it compare with Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and elsewhere?

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        Please don't pit Ft. Worth against Dallas. That's' so twentieth century. The whole area has good food. Depends on where you are staying.

        1. re: Plano Rose

          I'm definitely not trying to pit the cities against one another. I'm merely posting out of curiosity and to do a little food research for my trip this summer. I also didn't realize that it's a faux pas to inquire about a region's food specialties - especially since this is a food board and all, 21st century be damned.

          To address your other point, I'll be staying in Dallas proper. But I'll have to time to explore other parts of the region, so I thought it would be neat to check out Fort Worth as well while I'm in the area.

          And while understand that there's good food throughout the Metroplex, I was wondering if there are any distinct food specialties in Fort Worth that I should look out for - something that's unique or at least really renowned in the city.

          Apologies for any misunderstanding, and thanks to anyone who can provide some insight into this discussion.

          1. re: italianices

            You might check out Lanny's Alta Cocina. It is gourmet Mexican which is kind of unique for Texas. Also Lonesome Dove is probably somewhat unique.

            1. re: Plano Rose

              Bonnell's, Reata, and Lonesome Dove serve what I would call Texas cousine. I like Bonnell's the best of the three, even though you can't go wrong with anyone of them. Angelo's is good for BBQ. I know a lot of foodie types gasp at the suggestion of Joe T. Garcias, but I think it is a fun for Tex-Mex Cheese Enchiladas on a cash only basis for a Fort Worth first timer. There are a number of mexican restaurants on Main street between downtown and the stockyards. I like Mexican Inn which is a local basic Tex-Mex place with multiple locations in the Fort Worth area. Their chips are made in house and look more like Fritos but are tasty.

              I like Kincaids for an old fashioned greasy cheeseburger in an old grocery store where people can stand and eat at the grocery shelves. They have a few tables also. Cattlemen's Steakhouse in the stockyards is another place some may not suggest, but I really enjoy the food and the atmosphere. It is very Fort Worth to me. Del Frisco downtown is a high end steak place that is a Fort Worth institution.

              There are nine Babe's Chicken House locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the orignal in Roanoke which is close to Fort Worth and the Texas Motor Speedway. They have good fried chicken and chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, cream corn, and great biscuits. Very Fort Worth and Texas in general.

              I hope this helps.

              Bigray in Ok