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Apr 26, 2011 06:55 AM

No, we have that at home already

When I was very young, I would ask my mother to buy me Mc Donalds. Her response was, no, we have that at home already. She was really saying, I could make a better homemade burger. Kind of like the old Eddie Murphy bit…right. Here’s my point. Can you make it better at home? Have your culinary skills exceeded what’s available from the restaurants you can afford to eat in? Or, do you just prefer your own food?

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  1. This topic has been eating at me for some time now. I have some family members that are a terror to take out to eat, because they believe they can make it better. I tend to think they really just like thier own food!! Personally, I very seldom get pasta , of any kind, becasue most places over cook and just pour sauce over top.

    I think the more you know or pay attention to food, the harder it is to go out to eat. THe personal touch just might be present at restaurants. I love going to eat , for the experience as a whole not just the food.

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      Yes, it’s nice to be pampered. I get disappointed more than impressed with most restaurants. It’s hard to listen to people criticize the food their eating. It takes the fun out of it. I just drink more wine until it all taste fine.

    2. I feel that way about most “run of the mill” Italian restaurants, most of all the chains. Like the previous poster, the pasta just isn’t right and I can do better on my own. I’m a pretty darn good cook, so yeah, I really do like my own food but there’s ethnic dishes that I don’t even attempt on my own, so we opt to go out for those… and anything fried always tasted better to me when someone else is doing the cooking. (out of sight out of mind, if someone else is doing the frying there’s much less guilt)

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      1. re: cgarner

        and AND! someone else is doing the cleaning after.

        1. re: hill food

          My mother used to say that she would cook for anyone, if they did all the cleaning. She would later say that if someone did all of the shopping, cutting, AND cleaning, then, she would cook anything for anyone.

          Now hat I cook, I completely understand.

          1. re: DougRisk

            I wonder if people who dislike cleaning up after a meal ever consider a distraction to entertain themselves while they are doing the 'dirty work.'

            It doesn't make work easier. But the time goes fast, and one could call it multi-tasking if that's your thang.

            1. re: Rella

              I think it is more of the, "Ugh, the walk back home is UP hill...damn".

                1. re: sunshine842

                  Maybe media of any sort you like; i.e., TV, video player, radio, music of any sort into your clean-up space.

                  If one has kids or grandkids, bring them to the kitchen while you are cleaning up and you-all can chat and they can entertain you.

                  Keep a laptop or notepad in the kitchen and write down all the kitchen notes or other notes you are thinking about as you work.

                  Take a minute out to make a phone call you don't want to make, come back to the clean-up, and you will be musing about your phone call and not thinking about your clean-up, as you will be doing it by rote.

                  Admire the beauty outside your window. If you pray, pray or think something inspirational while you work.

                  Create another mess while you are cleaning up; i.e., make something special, do a mis en place for another meal....

                  Try not to think about "getting out of the kitchen."

                2. re: Rella

                  I like to dishes first thing in the morning when I'm waiting for the coffee to brew. I do a pick up after dinner, but leave the dishes til morning when my brain isn't awake enough to really care what the heck I'm doing. And yes, it helps me wake up too.

                  1. re: cosmogrrl

                    I tend to let them wait, too -- because especially after we've had company, I'm tired...and being clumsy by nature, it's a lot cheaper for me to clean up in the morning!

              1. re: cgarner

                >>>anything fried always tasted better to me when someone else is doing the cooking.
                I'd so much rather not fry. I don't *deep* fry anything at all, but I also hate the mess regular pan-frying sometimes makes.

              2. There are some things I don't get when we go out because I like the way I make it better. Mainly pasta dishes and some types of soups. Also, I never order dessert. It isn't that my culinary skills exceed what's available, it's just that I make those things exactly how we like them. The recipes I use have been tweaked and tailored to our tastes.

                1. I can make a better burger at home (and I'm no culinary master), but can only come close on the french fries

                  1. For me and my family it's more about ordering something NEW. I may or may not make it better than a restaurant but if I'm paying someone to feed me I want to be surprised and happy about trying a new version, new way to eat the food.