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Apr 26, 2011 06:54 AM

Where to find sea urchin?

Does anyone know where sea urchin can be found at a sushi restaurant in the Atlanta area? I've been trying just north of the perimeter (I live off Holcomb Bridge), and haven't found it anywhere in the last 3-4 months. Everyone always says they're out, and do not know when they might be receiving any. From the research I've done, they are predominantly found on the West Coast of the US, so the quake shouldn't have had an effect as far as a shortage. I would be completely fine with preparing it myself, if anyone also knew of a way to buy, and have a sushi grade sea urchin shipped. Any help out there to help me calm down this craving?

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  1. I'd try calling the better places in town- MF, Taka, Tomo, or Sushi House Hayakawa.

    3256 Cobb Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339

    Sushi House Hayakawa
    5979 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340

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    1. re: ted

      if you are really willing to buy it and have it shipped a little googling returned this result

      1. re: twyst

        That link wasn't working for me, but is that a live urchin, or the has the roe already been removed and packaged? I looked online, but couldn't find anyone who would ship a moderate amount of uni suitable for a handful of people. When I looked at some Google results, all I could find was pre-packaged uni.

        edit: I think I found the link you were trying to post, and it says they're out of season. Here it is if anyone else is interested.... Would love to buy a bundle like that, when they are in season. Thanks for leading me to that site. :)

      2. re: ted

        I'll try those, but I did try some of the larger foundations (Atlanta Seafood Co, Aqua Blue, etc)... but no luck their either.

        Aqua Blue Restaurant
        1564 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076

          1. re: twyst

            Interestingly, they have whole fresh urchins for sale on the low-mid page for SHELLFISH.
            Unfortunately, it says out of season. They must get them from maine where the season runs sept-march

            1. re: AdamD

              Yeah, this site I'll post below say they are just out of stock, no necessarily out of season for them. From the research I've done, it looks like they're in season for the majority of the year out on specific parts of the Californian coast. If you look just below where you add to your cart, you'll see a link that prompts you to put your email in for when they are back in stock. I know I can't wait, and will definitely just wait it out rather than buy the prepackaged stuff. I figure that since they are selling it in a fresh uni form, that it should be just a matter of time before they can sell and ship them out while still alive.

              Also, I've sent them an email asking when they may be expecting to have live uni available for sale, and will post their response for those interested, when I receive it.


              1. re: RayPot

                Have you ever dealt with live urchins? Getting the uni out in one piece is a bit of a pain. I have had live uni at an oyster bar and I buy the trays from my local Japanese market-and to tell you the truth, the packaged stuff was nicer to eat. That website has a lot of good reviews for its Uni, and the price is not too bad.

                1. re: AdamD

                  I can't say that I have, but that is part of the reason I want them so badly... to at least do it once. When it comes to me and cooking, I tend to enjoy doing the more difficult things, rather than the easier things. Might be weird, but that's the main reason I enjoy it so much, as far as thinking outside the box compared to most of your average home cooks.

                  As for the prepared stuff. I'd probably just run to the Super H-Mart and see what they have in that regard, before dishing out the cost of the product just to have it shipped here. I actually hadn't even thought of that place, till just now, so might even see if they have any. I'm not counting on it, but they do have quite the range in seafood that you can't find elsewhere.

                  1. re: RayPot

                    I understand exactly what you are saying. And you should try it.

                    I know one of the H-marts up here in NY has uni once in awhile. As a price point, I think I pay about $13-15 for a box at the Japanese market.

                    1. re: AdamD

                      Yeah, definitely will be trying, just a matter of finding a live one to try it with. Love experimenting with new meats and fish types.

                      I hope I can get to the one by me soon. I just missed the opp. as my lady was litereally right next to it yesterday (and we avoid the area because it is traffic HELL).

                      Catalina Offshore just replied to me, and said that they will have live uni available within the next few days available for sale, if anyone was curious.

            2. re: twyst

              Saw those as well... on several sites actually.

        1. This is san diego's main supplier of sea urchin:

          1. My husband had uni at Sushi Nami on Windward Pkway about 2 weeks ago. You might try there.

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              We use to go to Sushi Nami almost exclusively. Depending on if you live north or south of it, you might want to try a slightly farther place, called JP's. If you're going 400S from Sushi Nami, you'd make a left onto Holcomb bridge and it's essentially directly to your left after you cross over the bridge. It's some of the best I've had since I've been in Atlanta, and isn't too badly price either... plus the sushi bar itself is one of the nicer ones around, with TONS of personal space, which I love. I hate getting stuck at those places when you only have like a foot in front of you to put your food. Plus the sushi chef is also extremely nice (couldn't understand his name), but everything I got there he'll toss me some octopus or something for free. :D

            2. I just visited Bai Wei in Roswell. It's a pretty unassuming-looking restaurant, looks like your typical "asian fusion" strip mall place, but it's very very good. The owner is incredibly focused on fresh seafood and says that the only place in town with comparable fresh ingredients is MF. They had uni when I was there as well as a handful of other interesting seafood dishes... worth checking out.

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              1. re: collegekitchen

                Never been to Bai Wei, but looks like a cool place and might even try it out as soon as tonight. What is MF? Thanks for the suggestion, BTW.

                1. re: RayPot

                  I can't support the review of Bai Wei as the two experiences my husband and I had were not great. But MF is advertised as the
                  Vest sush in Atl. It's midtown and buckhead locations. Tomo is in Vinings and superb! But the very best I've found is Sakura on lower Roswell rd and Johnson ferry.
                  He too has had a hard time getting Uni but they usually get atleast one shipment
                  Of it a week. You Must try the omakasi lunch special. It will change your life.

                  3256 Cobb Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339

                  1. re: RayPot

                    I was just at Miso Izakaya on Friday and they said they expect to get sea urchin in next week.

                    To answer your question, MF is MF Buckhead (or MF Sushi Midtown - but Buckead is far superior) and is one of the very best and clearly highest-end sushi restaurants in town (read: expensive). I would expect MF Buckhead would have sea urchin as they have alot of sushi specialties that few others have.

                    I would also try Circle Sushi and possibly Tomo.

                    Circle Sushi
                    8725 Roswell Rd Ste 7, Atlanta, GA 30350

                    3256 Cobb Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339

                    MF Sushibar
                    265 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30308

                    MF Buckhead
                    3280 Peachtree Road, NW #110, Atlanta, GA 30305

                    Miso Izakaya
                    619 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312