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Apr 26, 2011 06:53 AM

Apricot Peach Chutney

I've managed to lose this recipe, and I can't remember which Indian Cookbook I originally found it in. I've done a web search - I know this recipe was on the web in the past but I can't find it now.

All I can remember is a few of the ingredients:

6 oz dried peaches
6 oz dried apricots
12 oz red wine vinegar
sugar (I forget how much)
may have included some raisins

I don't remember what else, if anything, might have been in the recipe. It was a sweet, not a spicy, chutney.

The original recipe (the above quantities might have been slightly modified) would have been published at least 20 years ago.

I can't believe I've lost this recipe! Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. There's a Madhur Jaffrey peach and apricot chutney...that would make it Indian., but apples are included. It's here:

    Then there's this recipe which has fresh apricots, peaches and white raisins:

    Good luck. Maybe you could devise your own recipe using those as a base.
    I love home made chutneys.

    For measurement converions I use this page:

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      Dang! I had hoped someone might recognize it. Oh well. Thanks for trying.