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Apr 26, 2011 06:36 AM

Must-Eats on a Saturday Afternoon?

I have a free Saturday afternoon in Atlanta coming up, and I am seeking the most wow-inducing food Atlanta has to offer. I have never been to Atlanta so I am wondering what is not-to-be-missed.

I have scoured the board and unfortunately many of the favorites here are not open on Saturday afternoon.

I am also fond of good drinking. So, currently, I am considering heading over to Decatur and hopping around from Leon's Full Service to The Brick Store Pub to Farm Burger.

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  1. Hmmm. Wow inducing and Saturday afternoon don't necessarily go together. I like your idea, though. If the weather is as nice as it has been lately (though it's starting to lean toward hot), I'd go more for a good patio and a malt or wheat-based beverage. Decatur's good- there's also the Iberian Pig, which has gotten good reviews (I thought it was sort of expensive when we went).

    Other options include Virginia Highlands- you could start at North Ave w/ popsicles or something from Pura Vida and work your way N to end up at the Family Dog (new pub from local 'angry' chef). L5P if you're into funky/freaky folks- there's Fox Brothers, The Porter, and the new sausage place, among others. On the West side, you could do Bocado, 5 Seasons, and Hop City (finish with coffee from Octane).

    That's what comes to mind quickly. All depends on the weather to some degree.

    Pura Vida
    656 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

    The Iberian Pig
    121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030

    1. I think that's a perfect afternoon, especially if it's nice enough to enjoy the patio and bocce ball court at Leon's. My suggestion would be: cocktail at Leon's (they normally have very interesting specials), a beer at the Brick Store, and a burger at FarmBurger. If the line at Farmburger is too long, you can hit up the line at Taqueria del Sol across the street for outstanding tacos (around $3 each). You can take Marta to Decatur (the station is literally in the square) if you want to imbibe without worrying about driving. I think you'll have a great time.

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        Empire State South is open all afternoon, and they have a great outdoor area and excellent food.
        You could also hit Miller until 2:30.

        I do like your Leon's, Brick Store, Farm Burger, Taqueria plan.
        Iberian Pig doesn't open until 5.

      2. I am headed to Atlanta for the weekend and I was just talking about The Porter. The outdoor patio is small but they do serve drinks and food all afternoon. I have also been to Decatur and I agree with the above recommendations. It is making me anxious to get down there and unwind.

        1. Leon's Full Service is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Decatur.

          If the weather is nice, I would recommend an afternoon in Midtown with a meal and drinks (+bocce ball) at Empire State South followed by a stroll through Piedmont Park and the new expansion.