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Apr 26, 2011 05:25 AM

Sushi Ko

Finally heading out to the Friendship Heights location later this week. What's good here? Should I just go with one of the chef's assortments? Or is there a can't-miss dessert or other dish here? All advice welcome. I'm looking over the menu and there's nothing that's really jumping out at me - looks like the usual cast of characters.

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  1. the eel/balsamic appetizer is really good, something different.
    walk around the corner to Frosting for a cupcake for dessert instead

    1. Just wanted to mention that this went about how I expected. Okay. Nothing great. Paid extra for fresh wasabi only to find fake wasabi underneath my fish on my nigiri (tuna, zuke (marinated tuna, and shrimp) anyway. Rolls (tuna, jalepeno, cilantro and asparagus and red pepper) were kind of sloppy and falling apart.

      Also, the soy sauce tasted kind of salty and weak. Overall, I liked Kaz a lot better - the selection at Kaz was much better, too. Honestly, since I live really close to Buddha Bar I often get sushi there since it's convenient and I like their sushi a lot better, although I think it does cost more.

      My vodka/ginger/lemonade cocktail was great. The beef tenderloin skewer we had was fantastic also, and the edamame was perfectly done and well-salted. Not really digging the atmosphere of the Friendship Heights location. Might be more fun if I sat at the sushi counter.