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Apr 26, 2011 04:03 AM

King Arthur Hi-Maize flour

Has anyone used King Arthur's Hi-Maize fibre flour? It seems really healthy, but I'm curious about how well it works in day-to-day baking...

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  1. It works well for me. I usually sub about 25-30% by volume. In stuff without leavening or with baking soda or baking powder, I haven't noticed any difference (but I only make simple things: brownies, uncomplicated cakes, muffins, banana bread). With yeast bread, I add some extra gluten. It rises a little less, but it still rises. It acts about like a half whole wheat dough would in terms of rising. When making pasta, I can roll it out to thickness 4 (of 6) reliably, or it will sometimes shred. If I add gluten, I might be able to roll it out to thickness 5. It smells a little like cornmeal in the bag, but It really does taste just like white flour in the finished product.

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      Good to know! I bake mostly quickbreads and biscuits myself, so I'm not too concerned about yeast bread. You've just convinced me to order some.

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          For sure. I'm actually kind of excited, which is pretty nerdy.

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            Science is amazing, isn't it? ;-)

    2. I was just wondering about this too (after receiving their email today.) :)

      1. I remembered seeing something about this here and being intrigued...should get some.

        1. I should clarify that I use the straight hi-maize, not the flour blend.

          1. I didn't use the flour, but I did just made pancakes with Hi-Maize resistant starch yesterday using the King Arthur recipe (1/4 cup added to the rest of the ingredients.) They were delicious. Neither my husband nor daughter could tell that they weren't normal pancakes. I have to say I only ate 2 pancakes but i wasn't hungry for lulnch until about 3:00 in the afternoon. I don't know if I can attribute it to to the Hi-Maize but it is unusual for me to not be hungry at exactly 12:00 p.m.