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Apr 25, 2011 10:38 PM

Grinding chicken, Use skin?

Well, I am thinking of buying a whole chicken to make some ground chicken, mostly for burgers. I was wondering though what your thoughts were on using the skin, or if I should only just the meat. There is a lot of flavour in the skin, but I am concerned it may alter the texture in an undesirable way.

So any advice?

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  1. I don't think I'd put the skin in, but I would use both dark and light meat. I don't put the skin in because I think it may jam the grinder.

    1. don't grind the skin. if you want to add fat then get some pork fatback and grind that. use the skin for skin chips! or save all of the skin that you accumulate and mail it to me. I love chicken skin!

      1. Instead of grinding you might make (well-seasoned) crispy cracklings and work both the cracklings and their rendered fat into the patties. Or just save the cracklings for salads or munching out of hand.

        1. Last time I made chicken sausage I used skin. If it's really cold it will not jam up the grinder and does add fat and flavor without any weird texture problems.

          1. Try grinding skinless chicken thighs only. Just the right amount of fat for burgers and sausage. We made these chicken breakfast sausages that way

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