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Apr 25, 2011 09:33 PM

Top 10 in Ann Arbor

I am putting together my top 10 list of restaurants that my wife and I would like to try before the end of 2011. Would love your recommendations.

Our #1 criterion is innovative food - dishes that you can brag to friends about!

Other than that, we are comfortable with all cuisines, at all price ranges, and with all beverages.

Please let me know where you think we should go and which specific dish stands out for you.

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  1. The Jolly Pumpkin: hard to pick a dish since the menu varies (local, seasonal).
    Cafe Zola: breakfast & lunch. Amazing range of foods. Top crepes, fab egg dishes.
    Zingerman's Deli: sandwiches, from traditional to innovative. And pot pies in Jan & Feb.

    1. Here's my top 10 for Ann Arbor - and not in any particular order:

      -Zingerman's Roadhouse's BBQ Brisket
      -Jolly Pumpkin's burgers and truffled fries
      -No Thai, any dish ordered to Dim Mak (Death Touch) spice level
      -Kosmo's Deli's Hot and Sour Soup
      -Washtenaw Dairy's waffle cone with some kind of chocolatey ice cream in it
      -Cafe Zola for crepes
      -Cafe Havana for brunch
      -Side Track in Ypsi for fried pickles
      -Aubrees in Ypsi for pizza
      -Grange for their bar menu only ,especially the duck fat fries