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Apr 25, 2011 09:03 PM

Favorite "texture" - do you have one?

i'm not even sure if "texture" is the correct term for this, but do you have a favorite texture/taste/feel as it applies to your food and drink?

for example, i've recently come to realize i love almost anything that's creamy:

ice cream (favorite food in the world)
cheese (the creamier the better)
mashed potatoes
guinness (favorite beer)
buttery chardonnay (favorite white)
chowders (preferred soup type)
cream cheese
peanut butter (love PB and cream cheese sandwiches)
bananas (love PB and banana sandwiches)
rice pudding
mac 'n' cheese (ok, that's the cheese again)
creamed spinach
panna cotta / flan / creme brulee / custard / pudding
coconut milk

this is all i can think of off the top of my head, but i'm sure if i go into my kitchen, i could come up with much more. is anyone else like this, or am i strange? for example, do some people like virtually anything that's crunchy? chewy? my boyfriend likes almost anything that's tart/sour - we were debating whether this is similar as it's less a texture and more a taste. thoughts?

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  1. Hmmm... I don't think I really have a favourite "texture," or, say, mouthfeel, but reading your post made me think that I don't really like creamy things that much. A large serving of something creamy would make me sick of said item rather quickly. For example, even as a child, I much preferred a piece of cake over ice cream for dessert.

    1. this is an interesting question, but i don't think you can even get a consensus on what defines certain textures because people experience them differently...what's "creamy" to one person may be "silky" to another, and "soft" to yet another.

      having said that, my mood often dictates what texture i go for. chewy rarely appeals to me - unless it's chewing gum ;)

      slippery, grainy/gritty/sandy, and stringy textures aren't usually all that appealing or desirable, rough has its place...but i guess i'm mostly about straight-up crispy or crunchy (which is NOT the same thing as "hard"), and creamy, smooth or silky.

      oh, and yes, tart/sour is a taste, not a texture :)

      1. I'm going to cheat and say it's "creamy-crunchy".

        So, for example,

        -ice cream topped with granola and chopped nuts
        -yogurt with granola or cereal
        -tapioca pudding with toasted walnuts


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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Haha--that was my dad's pet peeve, most hated circumstance--
          finding hard pieces of *anything* in ice cream!

          Just so the texture is right for the food I like 'em all.

          1. re: blue room

            your dad sounds like my kind of guy - i can handle syrups/swirls and shaved chocolate, but hard chunks in frozen desserts KILL me.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Me too!

              I LOVE nut. but even in ice cream, they are nothing but an annoyance!

              although,in thniking about it, I do like nuts (especially salty ones ) on top of my ice cream - like over a banana split. In fact, in that instance, I love the salthy crunchy texture against the soft ice cream..
              But I don't like nuts that are already IN the ice cream, like butter almond...or any lind of chip or candy ..I just find them to be a nusance!

            1. re: ipsedixit

              me too! i love when creamy foods have one crunchy element to them, but it can't get soggy. i always mix cereal into my yogurt for some extra crunch.

            2. I'm in the creamy, dare I say "mushy"?, camp. Love ice cream slightly soft, cereal really soggy, puddings, etc. (I guess one exception is eggs - cook those babies well done!!) For breads and baked goods, it's about dense and thick, not light / airy / crunchy. (I'll even admit to smashing baked goods into semi-solid lumps!)

              1. I was on a low carb diet for a very long time and came to really miss crunchy foods. I am far less restrictive now, but I still take great pleasure in shattering potato chips or the riot of textures in a spring roll.

                Although it's not necessarily my "favorite" texture, I do like mucilaginous foods quite a bit. Bird's nest soup was always a favorite food when we were younger, so I've come to appreciate these thick and slippery foods.