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Favorite "texture" - do you have one?

i'm not even sure if "texture" is the correct term for this, but do you have a favorite texture/taste/feel as it applies to your food and drink?

for example, i've recently come to realize i love almost anything that's creamy:

ice cream (favorite food in the world)
cheese (the creamier the better)
mashed potatoes
guinness (favorite beer)
buttery chardonnay (favorite white)
chowders (preferred soup type)
cream cheese
peanut butter (love PB and cream cheese sandwiches)
bananas (love PB and banana sandwiches)
rice pudding
mac 'n' cheese (ok, that's the cheese again)
creamed spinach
panna cotta / flan / creme brulee / custard / pudding
coconut milk

this is all i can think of off the top of my head, but i'm sure if i go into my kitchen, i could come up with much more. is anyone else like this, or am i strange? for example, do some people like virtually anything that's crunchy? chewy? my boyfriend likes almost anything that's tart/sour - we were debating whether this is similar as it's less a texture and more a taste. thoughts?

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  1. Hmmm... I don't think I really have a favourite "texture," or, say, mouthfeel, but reading your post made me think that I don't really like creamy things that much. A large serving of something creamy would make me sick of said item rather quickly. For example, even as a child, I much preferred a piece of cake over ice cream for dessert.

    1. this is an interesting question, but i don't think you can even get a consensus on what defines certain textures because people experience them differently...what's "creamy" to one person may be "silky" to another, and "soft" to yet another.

      having said that, my mood often dictates what texture i go for. chewy rarely appeals to me - unless it's chewing gum ;)

      slippery, grainy/gritty/sandy, and stringy textures aren't usually all that appealing or desirable, rough has its place...but i guess i'm mostly about straight-up crispy or crunchy (which is NOT the same thing as "hard"), and creamy, smooth or silky.

      oh, and yes, tart/sour is a taste, not a texture :)

      1. I'm going to cheat and say it's "creamy-crunchy".

        So, for example,

        -ice cream topped with granola and chopped nuts
        -yogurt with granola or cereal
        -tapioca pudding with toasted walnuts


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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Haha--that was my dad's pet peeve, most hated circumstance--
          finding hard pieces of *anything* in ice cream!

          Just so the texture is right for the food I like 'em all.

          1. re: blue room

            your dad sounds like my kind of guy - i can handle syrups/swirls and shaved chocolate, but hard chunks in frozen desserts KILL me.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Me too!

              I LOVE nut. but even in ice cream, they are nothing but an annoyance!

              although,in thniking about it, I do like nuts (especially salty ones ) on top of my ice cream - like over a banana split. In fact, in that instance, I love the salthy crunchy texture against the soft ice cream..
              But I don't like nuts that are already IN the ice cream, like butter almond...or any lind of chip or candy ..I just find them to be a nusance!

            1. re: ipsedixit

              me too! i love when creamy foods have one crunchy element to them, but it can't get soggy. i always mix cereal into my yogurt for some extra crunch.

            2. I'm in the creamy, dare I say "mushy"?, camp. Love ice cream slightly soft, cereal really soggy, puddings, etc. (I guess one exception is eggs - cook those babies well done!!) For breads and baked goods, it's about dense and thick, not light / airy / crunchy. (I'll even admit to smashing baked goods into semi-solid lumps!)

              1. I was on a low carb diet for a very long time and came to really miss crunchy foods. I am far less restrictive now, but I still take great pleasure in shattering potato chips or the riot of textures in a spring roll.

                Although it's not necessarily my "favorite" texture, I do like mucilaginous foods quite a bit. Bird's nest soup was always a favorite food when we were younger, so I've come to appreciate these thick and slippery foods.

                1. Like them all and if I go days eating softer foods I crave crunch big time and vis versa. I love everything on your OP list but I equally love crunchy, crispy, char, chewy textures. So I don't have one preference.

                  1. Re: chewy.
                    When I thought about it, the most prominent thing to come to mind was the texture that I couldn't stand and can almost gag thinking about it -- chewy meat, chewy spinach - ARRGH!

                    My favorite texture is still a remembered taste of childhood; a crunchy crust of an artisan-type "chewy" bread.

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                    1. re: Rella

                      Oh I love a nice chewy granola bar or dried fruit peel.
                      and...every now and then...caramel corn

                    2. Ooh, yes, definitely.

                      I love crispy things -- crunchy is fine, but there has to be a crispiness to it. When I lived in Hong Kong and most of the foods I ate regularly were softer (noodles, jook, rice, steamed dumplings, etc.), I craved the crispy ends of char siu like mad. Burnt ends of American barbecue too, and toast, really well-seared meat, and crispy bacon, and good potato chips, and kosher dills, and crisp hashbrowns, etc. Fried foods are really my downfall -- I almost can't think of one I don't like -- but fortunately for my waistline I don't have the space or inclination to deep-fry things. And crisp veggies and fruits work in this category too, luckily. A really perfect crisp apple, carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc.

                      Creamy is up there, though -- mashed potatoes, rice pudding, panna cotta, creamy cheeses, butter, full-fat dairy products.

                      1. Oysters, sort of reminds me of one of my favorite unmentionable 'places'.

                          1. With me it's gotta be crispy. I love adding crisped shallots to mashed potatoes or eating cracklings and bacon and a big part of that is the crispiness. Things such as crisp raw radishes, thinly-sliced fennel and julienned jicama also get me. Roasted potatoes that have been blanched first get crispy on the outside yet remain tender on the inside. Oh, and chicken and duck skin! Oh, man...

                            1. Chewy or crunchy, no question. Love stuff like mochi and octopus, and crunchy cookies.

                              1. Its gotta be crispy/crunchy. Bacon, especially, has to be crispy and crunchy. Limp bacon need not apply. While soft and chewy oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies are good, give me crispy/crunchy ones any day. The list goes on.

                                1. Go a couple of ways here. eg: do not love sous vide as no charred or chewy exterior, or bread without a tooth loosening crust. But yesterday had a plate of Grom licquorice gelato, and while the taste was stellar, the texture was the bomb, major yum. Not creamy, not hard, like baby bear, just right

                                    1. Crispy. I love fried foods, when they are just right, usually just out of the fryer. I worked in kitchens for years and the main thing I miss is access to a professional fryer!

                                      I also love crunchy/chewy, like the burnt edges of a lasagna or charred edges of a steak.

                                      1. An unusual (at least in my circles) texture I enjoy is slippery/slimey (neba neba). Things that come to mind are things like ika somen, natto, nameko mushrooms, and raw egg yolk.

                                        1. I like the silkiness of a soft boiled egg yolk

                                          1. I'd really have to choose some variation on "silky." Beautiful gravlax. A perfectly done scallop that you almost hate to swallow because the silkiness is so very pleasing. A ripe avocado. Pureed mango. A gently basted egg. Custard. Citrus curd fillings. All things that I am very aware of enjoying to a higher degree because of the wonderful silkiness.

                                            A runner-up is the "gelatinous" spectrum. Well-executed aspics. Headcheese. And the sticky-gelatinousness of the fatty edge of a steak. So good.

                                            Lovely topic.

                                            1. I like the crunchy-silky combination. A perfectly cooked fried clam (while bellies), some homemade ice cream with some heath bars

                                              1. Pretty much all of them, except for "very soft". I don't often like them combined, though.

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                                                1. re: EWSflash

                                                  interesting.... what's "very soft"? like soup? melted ice cream? cotton candy?

                                                  1. re: jen223

                                                    I was thinking of soft meats, mostly- don't like them,. Sole, filet mignon (sorry, give me a ribeye or shrimp or scallops or crab with some personality), soft fish/seafood annoys me a lot. Souffles, anyting that somebody spent a long time making that has no texture- fooey.

                                                    I never claimed to have a really delicate palate, especially lately. but I never did.

                                                2. I can't say I have a particular favorite texture, but to me texture is a thing that I often find myself describing when I particularly like a certain food.
                                                  So, I would have to say that I really do enjoy certain textures in my mouth, and its a huge part of the enjoyment for me.

                                                  1. Crispy would have to be my favorite, chewy next. Mixing crunchy and gooey is nice as well as crispy and creamy or chewy and gooey. Not so much a fan of gelatinous.

                                                    1. I find that it very much depends on my mood at the time.

                                                      Crunchy chips, crackers or cookies (not too sweet, please) when feeling stressed or the need to unwind, for example.

                                                      I was about to say creamy for when I feel like indulging, like late at night when all is quiet, but then realized I probably only like the creamy foods that tend to melt on your tongue -- ice-cream, cream, chocolate, very soft cheese. Not a fan of the creamy stuff that has a stand-up consistency but does not melt in your mouth, though. Mashed potatoes come to mind, or is it because there is always some grittiness buried in there?

                                                      I love gooey but mostly only when the gooeyness is because of heat, such as the melted cheese on a pizza, or grilled mochi (Japanese rice cake). Oh, wait, it looks like I tend to enjoy this texture only if it is accompanied by a more solid, crispy one, such as the pizza crust or the toasted exterior of the mochi. I don't think I'd enjoy those anywhere as much if they did not have the contrast.

                                                      1. I like uniformly-textured food. I HATE when there's a crunchy piece in something that is otherwise creamy.

                                                        1. Whatever is the texture of a toasted fork-split english muffin slathered with butter, that is my favorite texture. At first bite it's crunchy, then stretchy and almost fibrous with the chewy bread, and finally the smooth finish of the buttered side.

                                                          1. It's very hard for me to choose my fav amongst all the textures in the world, but anything crunchy dipped into or buried in or smeared or smothered with anything creamy seems to really hit the spot.

                                                            1. Oh I love this topic! It seems that all my likes and dislikes are because of texture. I love love LOVE creamy, custardy stuff (just eating some egg custard now). It doesn't help that I am lactose intolerant, but I've gotten it down to the fact that I like smooth things over any other texture, and soft over hard.

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                                                              1. re: pegathaismyname

                                                                Husband and I were just talking about this last night regarding the fact that one of my grandmothers always had a custard pie on the table at most meals. I couldn't remember for certain whether it was a sugar-y custard or savory, such as a quiche. After one bite and touch-of-the-tongue of that softness, quiche, and the like, have given me the shivvers ever since. However, I'm not adverse to flan -- what is that all about!.

                                                              2. It took a long time for my boyfriend to understand that I love tobiko sushi and tempura shrimp rolls for the texture. He'd never thought about food texture. I also love the texture of cheesecake, mousse, and ice cream with crunchy stuff mixed in.

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                                                                1. re: tracylee

                                                                  If you like tobiko and you're in the market for a super chocolate cake, souschef's favorite chocolate fig cake has that popping texture from the fig seeds. It's excellent, one of the best chocolate cakes ever.

                                                                  1. re: buttertart

                                                                    Ooooh, I'll have to look for that. I love that about figs! I just have to watch the amount because they're so naturally sweet and sugar hates me. I made a fig spread after the thread on store-bought, and my SO "had to" finish it off, LOL.

                                                                      1. re: tracylee

                                                                        Oh man, good catch! I like the bristly feeling right before you bite down and the sweetness and crunchiness hits you right when the rest of the sweet insides do with their incredible taste- i really, really love that combination, especially if you can get that fig leaf scent around you, too.

                                                                  2. I just thought of this... Is anyone else completely turned off by the texture of ground meat? I absolutely cannot stand it. I'll eat a steak, but not a burger, or a turkey breast, but not meatballs. It's kind of squishy-chunky and unnatural... or is that just me?

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                                                                    1. re: pegathaismyname

                                                                      Actually, that's about the only way I'll eat beef. I don't like "slab 'o meat", and had some good and not-so-good steak at a conference over the weekend. I'd prefer a hamburger any day.

                                                                      1. re: tracylee

                                                                        Petathaismyname & tracylee,

                                                                        I'm turned off by the texture of both, but I can handle a hamburger.

                                                                        Texture of even roast beef in stew makes me want to spit it out at first bite (as in a dog who spits out carrots,) and I usually will eat a little only because I gotta get that B12!

                                                                    2. On a recent flight I chose the chicken entree, which had the texture of tofu. How do you think they managed that?!

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                                                                      1. Extremely crunchy. I eat ice, the "old maids" and half popped kernels in popcorn. Grape Nuts. The really crunchy pork rinds that spent an extra minute or two in the oil, Corn Nuts, etc. Yes I have all my teeth (except one molar which broke from some extra crispy fried chicken) and yes I am sure my dentist hates me!

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                                                                        1. re: LorenM

                                                                          Nope, your dentist likes you very, very much! Mine did, after an infamous Corn Nut incident. I miss Corn Nuts, but I'd have to win the lottery to venture to play on that particular dental roulette wheel again!

                                                                        2. I would say the light, subued crunchiness of well-made fish & chips or tempura would have to be my favorite.

                                                                          Also like the texture of the various nigiri sushi offerings.

                                                                          Finally, the watery crunchiness of classic iceberg lettuce, escpecially if there's a light dollup of Green Goddess dresing.

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                                                                          1. re: arktos

                                                                            The wonderful thing about really great battered deep-fried foods is the outer shattery crispness and the inner yielding texture. Oh yeah.

                                                                          2. I'm with the OP on 'creamy' and on many of the listed foods. Nothing beats really well made ice cream for mouthfeel, imo. Yes, creamy/buttery is it for me, I love a high fat content and the way it feels.

                                                                            Interestingly my one indulgent hobby/obsession is perfume and my favourite perfumes very often have a 'creamy' note in them too.

                                                                            1. I've always been weird about texture-for me, often times, even if I like the actual *flavor* of something, if the texture isn't right it's a no-go. I will absolutely NOT eat jello-or any particularly gelatinous food-gives me the willies!

                                                                              For me, it's all about the crunchy and the crispy. If a food has no crunch to it at all, it makes me gag (except ice cream and yogurt for some reason.) Like a burrito-if it's just bean & cheese, for example, with nothing remotely crunchy or at least chewy in it, I can't do it. At least have some tomatoes or lettuce or something, please.

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                                                                              1. re: sjahns

                                                                                Laughing at the thought of the kids I've seen that roll their soft food around in their mouth, almost like they don't know when to swallow.
                                                                                Jello is something I cannot eat, either.