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Apr 25, 2011 07:37 PM

Steaks in College Park

Any suggestions for a good steak in the College Park area? Reasonably priced. (I know about Ruth's Chris and Morton's in Bethesda. Looking for something more moderate.) A short drive is ok, but want to stay out of DC traffic as much as possible.


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  1. If you don't mind a chain place, there's an Outback Steakhouse right by PG Plaza. I would recommend taking the short drive to Silver Spring and going to Rays the Classics.

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    1. Ray's Ray's Ray's Ray's.

      Sit in the bistro area rather than the back room, order the hanger steak. Not only will you get a prime, aged steak, you'll get mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and either a soup or salad (get the crab bisque), and the whole package is under $25.

      Less than a 15 minute drive, and no going in to DC.

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      1. re: DanielK

        You have to request the bistro meal. It is not on the menu

      2. I haven't been over there in a while, but wasn't there a steak house attached to the Holiday Inn at RT 1 and the Beltway? And isn't there an Outback at Rt 198 and Rt 95?

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        1. re: skipper

          Moose Creek Steakhouse is the name of the place attached to the Holiday Inn the food is a step above TGI Fridays nothing to write home about

          1. re: agarnett100

            Moose Creek is ok, but I was looking for something more upscale.

            Ray's sounds pretty good. Any other similar suggestions?

            1. re: cantkick

              Rays is the best option
              You can try Blacks Bar & Kitchen in Bethesda or the Woodmoore Grill in Rockville

              1. re: agarnett100

                That would be Woodmont Grille in Bethesda, directly across from Black's. Part of the Houston's chain.

        2. Ray's.

          As a side note, for any question of the form "is there good X in College Park", and X is not "divey Afghan restaurant", the answer is no.