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Apr 25, 2011 06:11 PM

TJMax Question

For those of you who see Le Creuset, Staub, All Clad, etc.. at TJ Maxx, is there a particular time of year you see it there more, or is it hit and miss?

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  1. I can't speak for LC & Staub (I don't buy those), but Nov-Jan seems to be the most likely time of year for AC & nice knives at my local TJM stores.

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    1. re: Eiron

      I seem to remember that the LC show up at TJ Maxx at around the same time the LC outlets have their sales.

      And, in my opinion, I'd rather go for the LC outlets if that's the case- more selection in sizes and colors and the quality of the outlets' seconds seemed better.

      1. re: hobbess

        Thanks. The nearest Outlet is a 2+ hour drive, or else I would definitely check it out. Just wondering when I would have the best chance of catching a good deal at TJ Maxx. When do the outlets typically have sales?

        1. re: ShawnPA

          I got a flyer from the LC outlet a few days ago. But since I had no plans to buy anything at the moment, I threw it away. As far as I can remember, you'll get free shipping on orders over $100, and 10/20/30% off total over a certain amount.

          Call them up and ask.

          1. re: ShawnPA

            In my experience, deals at TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods is totally hit or miss. I've picked up some extraordinary deals at different stores at different times. If you're hunting for a deal, you have to make regular visits. Scope out the clearance shelves as well as the regular shelves. Check the prices on all pieces (some can be mis-marked). Patience can pay off.

            I bought a 2qt black satin round for $20 and a 6-3/4 qt oval in red for $70. Haven't found anything remotely close to those two prices in about 5 years (which was when I got those).

            If you're looking for a specific piece to complete a collection, the outlets are probably the best place to go.

            1. re: Dee S

              I just picked up a 6 3/4 qt round Le Creuset for $119 on clearance. Took me about 3 months of weekly (or more) visits to two Marshall's and one TJ Maxx before I found that deal. Also recently picked up a J A Henckels 8" chef knife for $20 on clearance, and an all clad 10" LTD2 pan for $60, not on clearance. I almost bought the Henckel for $50, decided against it, then found them on clearance for $20!

              1. re: Rick

                Wow you got good deals. I need to keep an eye out for some good knives too.

                1. re: ShawnPA

                  Double check for the knives. I actually visited 3 Marshall's in the past few weeks and all three had the J A Henckels still. Tuesday Morning is another good place to check if you have any close by. Got a 12" Calphalon Tri Ply pan for $44 on clearance.

      2. very much hit or miss. having said that , there are definitely more pieces in the stores between thanksgiving and new years and less chance of any good pieces "lasting" long enough to make it to the clearance price,also more ppl. searching at that point. We have several stores in our area, and i find they seem to get similiar distribution - not identical- and within one day of receiving and putting out their same allotment