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Apr 25, 2011 04:50 PM

Susan Feniger on Real Housewives of OC

anyone catch this last night? i got a call from a friend back East who watches the show, telling me that i *had* to watch, so i did...or at least i tried to. it was RIDICULOUS. some couple on the show decided to hire her to cater a party they're throwing, but apparently they were unaware that Susan specializes in Mexican cuisine...even thought the meeting was at Border Grill and the wife mentioned that they've eaten there before! they shot down every dish she suggested, asked if she could make Spanish food instead...and at the end of the segment there was a clip of the wife saying "I don't really care about the food, I'm just excited to have a celebrity chef catering my party."

what is WRONG with these people??

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  1. ahahahahahah! Poor Susan! my mom, while she was sick, used to watch the Housewives endlessly (meds made her forget she'd already seen an episode a few times), of all the different cities, and on finding a new one, i think Beverly Hills, her question re their unending bitchiness was, "Ok, so what's wrong with THESE women.... too rich? too healthy?" my answer - too unbearably stupid to live. and yet they're all here and my mom's gone. alright, so i don't wish DEATH on them, but gaaddd, how about a severe bout of laryngitis? the only good thing about my mom being gone is i don't have to watch the shows anymore. But, i probably would have tuned in to see Susan too, if i'd known....

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      But, i probably would have tuned in to see Susan too, if i'd known....
      unfortunately Bravo tends to air *many* repeats of these shows, so i'm sure you can catch it. i was SQUIRMING for poor Susan - every time they rejected one of her suggestions i wanted to slap these people! you could tell she was just exasperated...and i'm gonna guess that this particular couple may not have much luck hiring a "celebrity chef" to cater future parties. word travels :)

    2. I give susan so much credit for dealing with those 2 boobs. I actually watch the show (dont ask me why) and I am always amazed at the low level of sophistication and class these people have. Susan is an amazing chef with many years of experience and success and handled herself so well. I would have probably laughed in their faces.

      1. Pretty funny line from EW's recap of show:

        "Cut to celebrity chef Susan Feniger's increasingly astonished face, as she started wondering whether she would whip, puree, or sous vide the spit in Micah's dishes."

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          love it. as i was watching i couldn't help thinking that i'd be so VERY tempted to "violate" the food if i was in her shoes!

        2. The husband didn't like flan and wanted to know if Feniger would do fried oreos. LOL

          She said "no" and was even polite about it.

          1. I was cringing as I was watching that episode. I'm not sure why Susan even agreed to be on the show. I'm surprised she just didn't say that they weren't a match and she didn't want to cater their party.