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Apr 25, 2011 04:41 PM

Themed dinner for movie

I'm going to watch Cleopatra tis weekend. Would you fix fun 1960's themed food/snacks or Egytian food? And what would you fix? Thanks!

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  1. Well, I'm not sure what else, but you should definitely serve some oysters!

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    1. re: Euonymous

      Was there an oyster scene in Cleopatra? I can only remember the one in Spartacus.

      1. re: small h

        Don't know if there's one in the movie, but there's one in both Shakespeare and Pliny.

    2. Bathtub of milk, vinegar with pearls, and have someone around to peel grapes for your guests.

      1. going egyptian is a bit harder, but could be fun.... how elaborate do you want to get? if i were going egyptian, i'd consider...
        -something with peas and/or beans, perhaps a spread for a homemade wheat breadish thing sweetened a tad with honey
        -stuffed caramel walnuts
        -fish stew - perhaps with cumin
        -fig or date bars
        -chocolate dipped strawberries
        (...and if it's hot where you are, leave off the air... party in the desert ;)


        '60's wise...well that's much easier if you want to do snacky stuff... things i'd consider
        -mini individual beef wellingtons
        -Shake and Bake coated wings
        -cheese straws
        -stuffed eggs
        -homemade Pop-Tarts for dessert
        -punch, Tab, Sprite, Tang, iced coffee

        1. All kidding aside, I'd recommend cooking Egyptian food. If you can get your hands on either Arabesque or The New Book of Middle Eastern Food both by Claudia Roden you'll find many Egyptian recipes that are very easy and simple to make plus tasty as well. The ingredients are not difficult to find in local markets. A library is my first suggestion but to get you started here's the master thread with links to our reporting threads, when both books were COTM a few months ago..

          1. Sounds like fun, but not sure your friends would really appreciate the Egyptian foods. Your call of course. But if it were my friends I would, 60s themed foods are not my thing. There are so many interesting Egyptian foods it might be kind of fun teaching them about the foods. Get ready to work though looks like they love stuffed breads and vegetables. One dish looked quite interesting, with lentils, rice, and pasta, tomatoes and onions. Tahini, fallafel and breads. Wrapped dates, stuffed dates or just dates. How fun!