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Apr 25, 2011 04:27 PM

Recommendation for CSA with following preferences in mind?

Hi all,

Just moved to a place with a nice kitchen and am thinking about joining a CSA. My ideal CSA would be one that 1) does half/couple shares since there's just 2 of us 2) has some leeway with choices (so I don't get stuck with eggplants or mushrooms since I eat neither) 3) perhaps has some meat choices. This last one is not that important; it would be nice but I'd rather have a great CSA that doesn't do meat but has choices for veggies/fruits than a subpar one that does meat. Any recommendations? I was leaning toward Norman's Farm Market but they don't appear to do meat. However, I have heard good things. I don't want to do Arganica or Great Country, as I have heard a lot of negative things about them.

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  1. It's not a CSA, but more of a grocery delivery wholesaler, and they don't supply locally until a little later on in the season, but I've been using the Green Grocer, and I am really, really happy with, first and foremost, the quality of the produce, and also the selection and flexibility.

    I ended up being unexpectedly out of town quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, so I cancelled my deliveries, no problem. I've been unable to make good use of the kale they've been sending me, so I swapped it out for other vegetables. I've also been really happy with the locally sourced ground beef and whole chicken I ordered, as well as the unpasteurized cheddar.

    I'd 100% recommend them, but if it's the visit-the-farm, eat only seasonal produce, get 100% local products year-round thing you're going for, then definitely try something else.

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      I too use DC Green Grocer and like it. It has a complete write up on their web site.

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        The Neopol Savory Smokery slab bacon is seriously good, as were the delmonico steaks and ground beef I ordered. Do you get much of the a la carte stuff? Any particularly good experiences? I'm getting more cheese this time since the unpasteurized cheddar was so freaking awesome.

        1. re: Raids

          I love the eggs and the Neopol smoked smoked tofu (I went to the Neopol store/stand in Baltimore just to see it and also saw them at the Baltimore "farmer's market " JFX). I also have gotten the mozzarella (not a "fresh" mozzarella" ) had a nice grassy taste (never thought I would use that description). I just got the rhubarb which had a much better taste and was MUCH fresher than the store. I got the bison - lean and I liked it, but used it in a sauce and next time I want to make a burger. Love garlic, ginger, and cilantro. Those shiitake that were part to the box the other week were wonderful IMO. Have you tried and liked the chicken?

          1. re: mscoffee1

            Haven't roasted it yet, but I'll let you know after this weekend.

            The quality of the mushrooms is always good, IMO - I was out of town a lot last week and had to cancel my box so I didn't get the shiitakes. Boo.

            One thing I have really loved were these carrots a few weeks back. They looked like they were straight out of the shire and they were awesome in the creamy carrot casserole I made from the recipe on this site.

            I will try the bison and mozzarella. I like ordering their milk and eggs because they're much fresher than what you can get in a grocery store and can hang out a lot longer before they go bad.

            1. re: Raids

              Of course I missed the carrots. ah well. This place made washing spinach worth the effort. The taste of the eggs - I put a poached egg on top of almost everything: spinach and mushrooms, broccoli/onions/ bacon, caramelized onions/lentil/rice. Ok now we are in Home Cooking- sorry.

    2. I like South Mountain Vegetables. They deliver, and they have meat and other things. You can decide to skip the basket and select the specific items you want, although there is a small charge for doing so, so it isn't normally worthwhile to select that option just to dump the eggplant. But you can, if you want.