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Apr 25, 2011 03:50 PM

Manchester (NH) musings

Had a very nice lunch at the Currier Museum over the weekend--the Winter Garden cafe has been taken over by Z Food & Drink, and the offerings include tasty soups and sandwiches featuring excellent breads. They are planning to upgrade the wine selections.

The salt & pepper pork chops at Pho Golden Bowl were fantastic Saturday night--you have to eat them immediately to get the full effect of the chili peppers.

PGB was our second choice for dinner; we tried to get in to Hanover Street Chophouse, but the earliest reservation was 8:45--I guess the richest 1% aren't staying at home...must have gotten their tax refunds.

Republic featured a beautiful ramps pasta on Friday night. Next, fiddleheads, and then the season of fresh verdure begins! BTW, they are #1 on the Hippo's best restaurant list--they edged out the Puritan Back Room! And fwiw, one of the owners of the BR was sitting a couple of tables down, having dinner.

What's up with Cafe Momo? It's been closed for a while; the website says they will reopen in May?

Golden Bowl
124 Queen City Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

Z Food & Drink
860 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101

Cafe Momo
1065 Hanover St, Manchester, NH 03104

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  1. -I guess the richest 1% aren't staying at home...must have gotten their tax refunds.

    That made me chuckle :)

    1. Speaking of closed places, anyone know what is up with Mint Bistro ? They have been closed since last August. Their Facebook page hasn't been updated in over a month.

      Mint Bistro
      Manchester, NH, Manchester, NH

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        My understanding is they are renovating and should open soon?

        1. re: rizzo0904

          That is what the website says, but seeing as how May 1 is just around the corner you think they'd post an update.

          1. re: Msample

            Renovations are behind schedule. Bar is in. No date yet.

      2. nice... Good to know bout museum. We love Republic too. I just finally made it into sahara market on massebesic for their new cafe offerings...awesome falafel with their own hummus, great chix shawamma, stuffed grape leaves, and these delish ground meat fried pouches (i haven't a clue but loved them, unique flavor/herb that I couldn't put my finger on). They have a case of ready made items that I can't wait to go back + try....chicken/rice w/ almonds.....oh oh, their lil bauchlava (omg I killed that word) was fantastic.

        1. A terrific meal at Hanover Street Chophouse last weekend--the oysters were perfect, briny and fresh. My favorite new food item: truffled tater tots! The prime porterhouse for two (rare) was sublime.

          Hanover Street Chophouse
          149 Hanover St Ste 100, Manchester, NH 03101

          1. Hey, so I finally made it to Republic! It was just breakfast, so I'm really looking forward to the full menu, but it was great food nonetheless. I was fortunate enough to get in there for the ramps! (my first taste ever!) The ramps were in a frittatta. It was very interesting the way they made the frittatta, very thin, but I liked that they used great eggs and served them still creamy. The dish had an overall sweet taste that was nice...there were also potatoes and a sweet root, carrot or potato. The ramps were very few though, but the flavor was still great. We also had a nutella panini, that was of course, delicious, I'm glad they served the tart blueberries with it. Now, my one gripe that nearly ruined the whole thing was the service. I was seated in the back and I felt somewhat ignored most of the time (that includes the owner walking by several times). I had a cappuccino, and never got any sugar for it, and when I finally got someone to get me some, I received EQUAL ( I despise that kind of stuff) which I had to stir into my lukewarm coffee with my FORK. If I hadn't been thinking of getting to drink a cappuccino since I planned to go, I probably wouldn't be so disappointed, but well...it kind of set a bad mood for the meal for me. I still have great respect for the food they put out, and will go back for lunch/dinner sometime. The kitchen also seemed to be a bit slow and backed up, they were running out of some things, and it seemed that they were more concerned about being ready for the lunch rush than satisfying the brunch customers.