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Apr 25, 2011 02:16 PM

Laguna Beach: 5-1/2 (Feet)?

DC guy looking for a little help from LA area locals. My wife and I used to love a place in Laguna Beach called 5-1/2 or 5-1/2'. They served some terrific Asian fusion food.

I can't find any current Web reference to it. Can anyone tell me if it's gone for sure, and perhaps when it folded, and who the chef or principal was, and if he's landed anywhere else in the area?

(I'll check back here when I think of it, but an email copy of any information to chowhound(at)xhost.org with any information would be appreciated.)

Thanks -- Larry

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    1. They are closed as of a few months back. I don't think the owner has landed anywhere else, or even if he is has intentions to do so.

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        I think 5 1/2 feet was Kang's second restaurant, which was in Fashion Island. The original, Five', in Laguna Beach did close. I don't believe there are any plans for a successor.