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Apr 25, 2011 01:04 PM

Szechwan Ace

Last week I had lunch at Szechwan Ace on Route 27, Somerset. It was pretty fantastic. Szechwan style isn't my favorite, and it's not too close, but I was down in that area and tried it out. They brought out something like fresh, mild kimchi, not bad. I had soft tofu and pickled cabbage soup, which was excellent. The entree was deep-fried silken tofu in a ground pork and tomato sauce - spicy, just a little sweet and maybe a hint of mala. Just delicious. The ambience, service and price were pretty standard - good enough and didn't detract, which is all I want. I had to order off the dinner menu because the lunch menu only had american food. I think there may have been a chinese-only lunch menu, which didn't help me. The dinner menu had a lot of variety, though, and I don't mind the higher prices and larger portions if it's occasional and I get food I've never had before. I hope my next meal is as good as this one, but for this one meal it's two thumbs up.

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  1. Karla Cook reviewed it in the New York Times in February, but called it Szechuan Chinese Restaurant---same place tho'--and it is really good.

    1. Not sure why some of that was cut off, but it was metropolitan section ny times feb 13 2011.

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        You have to pay for content on the NYT site now unless you are a home subscriber.

      2. Kim Chee at a Chinese restaurant?

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          Sichuan cuisine features different types of spicy, pickled vegetable appetizers, including cabbage.

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            The NYT link said it was sliced broccoli stems

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              Pickled and Peppery Broccoli Stems! They can pickle any vegetable.