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Apr 25, 2011 11:36 AM

libretto is closed today. where else can i get a good, thin crust pizza?

hey, all. i'm really jonesing for a thin crust wood-fired pizza. my standby is Libretto, but they're closed today. any suggestions? i've been to QMP and wasn't impressed, though I didn't have their margherita, which is what I get from Libretto. Terroni's okay, but there's something about Libretto – the sauce, the chili oil, the crust, etc. it's kind of a dumb question, i guess. probably, i should just wait till tomorrow and go to Libretto. still, any takers?

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  1. i think mangia e bevi is the greatest place for pizza

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    1. Bigabali on Marlee Ave.


      1. Thanks for the suggestions!