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Apr 25, 2011 11:01 AM

Kimko Seafood- Korean style sashimi in Ellicott City, MD

I went to Kimko Seafood in Ellicott City, MD this past weekend with some friends, and we enjoyed a massive meal of Korean style sashimi.
I was told by my Korean friends that authentic Korean sashimi is different from Japanese style. They prefer more "chewy" pieces of fish- the most popular is halibut. Also, in addition to using soy sauce & wasabi, Korean diners like to use the kochujang, red chile pepper paste to dip fish in.
Kimko offers really fresh items- several of which I had never had before. This included lobster, sea cucumber, abalone, & sea squirt. We were told that Kimko also has live octopus some nights of the week- alas- they were out this weekend. These items are stored alive in tanks on site, and are only prepped when ordered.
The lobster sashimi is really amazing- we were served the tail split open and meat cut into bite size pieces and topped with some roe. The meat was sweet but had a much different texture raw than cooked. It was delicious. The rest of the lobster is used for an amazing spicy soup with fish for the end of the meal.
I also liked the sea cucumber sashimi- briny like an oyster with the texture of raw octopus. I was less a fan of the sea squirt which had a bitter note. I also enjoyed the raw abalone.
In addition to the sashimi, we had nearly 20 different plates of bonchon with the meal. This included fish in various preps (fried, grilled, braised, raw), clams, a seafood pancake, grilled chicken gizzards, roe in rice, seaweed soup, potato salad, and edamame.
It is helpful to go the Kimko with someone who speaks Korean, but most of their menu is translated except for the live items. For the longest time, I was thinking this kind of meal would only be available in NY or Annandale, VA, but it's pretty awesome that it's so close to Baltimore.

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  1. Is this place also called Bethany Seafood?

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      It used to be Bethany Seafood. I think they changed their name in the past year or so.