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Moroccan carrot salad with cumin & cilantro

Some online recipes use raw carrots, others use cooked carrots.

Which do you prefer in the Moroccan-style carrot salads that you make?

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  1. I cut the carrots into coins and blanch. If I ever decide to try shredding it I would just use it raw.

    1. I really enjoy both, but I like them sliced and not grated like some recipes say. When I cook the carrots I only blanch them so they still have bite to them and not fully cooked.

      1. depends a lot on how i'm planning to serve it. cold/room temp gets raw carrots, hot gets cooked carrots.

        1. Would any of you please share a recipe? I'm not familiar with this salad but it sounds like a nice blend of ingredients and would love to know the basics of how it's made.

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            Here's one - http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/05/car...

            I made it for the first time last week and loved it. It held up well for about a day and a half, dressed. Next time I'm considering throwing in some baked tofu and calling it a meal.

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              In the spirit of the upcoming cookbook of the month, here is a good version of it (although I skipped the yogurt)


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                finally getting around to trying this salad! thanks for the link, junglekitte!

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                I like to grate them in a food processor and set aside. Then I saute diced shallots, ginger, turmeric, cumin and cayenne. Throw in the carrots and saute for, oh maybe 4 minutes or so, just to get them warm and slightly soft. Stir in some allspice, brown sugar, salt, pepper, crushed pistachios, currants and cilantro.

                1. Thanks for all your comments. The recipes in the links provided by Vetter, junglekitte and Harters look better than the simple one I tried. Thanks also for your recipe, katecm- currants and pistachios look like nice additions.

                  Look forward to trying out the different variations.

                  1. I have made the Tunisian carrot salad from Mediterranean Hot and Spicy at least four times.

                    It used cooked carrots, chopped after cooking, and then cilantro, crushed caraway seeds, lemon juice and olive oil. Chill and serve with feta cheese.

                    What I like besides the flavours is that this lasts really well under refrigeration. (and it's pretty)