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Apr 25, 2011 10:34 AM

Hong Kong: New Territories and Outlying Islands

I've been reading the boards for awhile since I am going to HK soon but most suggestions seem to be in the Kowloong/HK part of the city. Since New Territories is a big part of the land just wondering if there's anything good around there and I was planning to spend one day on one of the islands outside of HK and want to know which ones have better food.


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  1. The more populous NT areas such as Sha Tin have plenty of choices. Not so many up-scale establishments. Lei Garden at New Town Plaza is very reasonable. I've yet to try Sha Tin 18 at the Hyatt but they have a reputation for roast duck which I intend to try soon. Fung Lum in Tai Wai is an institution and has been around forever (my father remembers eating there when he was a kid) - if you go there you must try the salt and pepper prawns!

    Located on the Wo Che estate between Sha Tin and Fo Tan, there's a massive dai pai dong (Chan Kun Kee I think?) which gets really busy in the evening. Everyone seems to order the clams but the baked fish intestine, sweet and sour eel were some of the dishes I preferred there. Was actually going to eat there again a couple of nights ago but ended up changing plans at last minute.

    Tai Po is worth exploring. Kwan Kee do an excellent brisket noodle (be sure to ask for Song Lam and/or Beef Cheeks). Be prepared to queue! Chan Hon Kee is known for its claypot rice and cheong fun (get the pork liver). Yat Lok, the roast goose restaurant of Bourdain fame is really not that great imho and also featured in the same Bourdain/No Reservations programme were the "bamboo noodles" which are served Ping Kee (Tai Po cooked food centre). While the noodles are fine, I thought the wonton were poor (mostly pork).

    For seafood, Sai Kung is a popular choice but I've not been out there in quite a while (read: years!) Also, and while I haven't eaten at the seafood restaurants there myself, other CH'ers have recommended trekking out to Lau Fau Shan (take train to Yuen Long and then take a minibus to LFS).

    That's off the top of my head... Hope it helps!

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      Second Fung Lum in Tai Wai!! In addition to the prawns, don't forget the roasted pigeon!! Ask them to serve them whole and eat it with your hand!! Yummmm!
      The new ' Sun Dull Kee', also in Tai Wai ( main flag ship is in Jordan ) s pretty good too! Great roasted whole baby piglet and wok-hay stirred fry! Lovely sweet and sour spare-ribs and stirref fry goose intestines with preserved mustard greens and black beans! ( assuming you are adventurous )!

    2. Whenever someone mentions New Territories, the first food item that appears in my mind is "Pun Choi"! Yep, that Hakka delicacy involving a dozen or more ingredients, slow-cooked till all the goodness comes out and the flavors intensify. To-die for!

      Unfortunately, you'll need at least 4 persons or more to order a "pun choi". Some addresses here for you to enquire at:

      Tai Wing Wah, Koon Wong Mansion
      2-6 Yuen Long On Ning Rd
      Yuen Long, NT
      Tel: 852-2476-9888

      Ping Shan Pun Choi
      G/F, 36 Tong Fong Village, Ping Shan
      Yuen Long, NT
      Tel: 852-617-8000

      Tai Foon Hei Restaurant
      G/F, 76 Kau Yuk Rd
      Yuen Long, NT
      Tel: 852-2478-9395