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Apr 25, 2011 09:21 AM

Anything new in Branson??

Had to go 1 year ago, and everyone here was a big help. Hoping that there was something new & low key that has great food at a reasonable price. If not, we'll suffer through the old standards

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  1. I'll take that as a no - this is about the worst board in the chowhound network -

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      I have similar problems w/ Flagstaff. But considering the limited possibilities in B'son, I suppose it's no surprise.

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        it is fairly inactive, not surprising that STL, KC and Des Moines seem to get the most attention but for a region this size they are hardly the only places. just the wrong demographic and population density I guess.

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          Has anyone been to the Candlestick Inn? We are coming from San Diego and looking for a nice, unique place to eat.

        2. Not necessarily new... but in new in the last 5-6 years. Danna's BBQ. It is great and low key and reasonable. There are several in town. One in Branson West, one in Branson off Gretna, and there is another I can't remember.

          1. Just got back. We have enjoyed B T Bones in the past but it wasn't very good this trip. We ate at a new place called The Great American Steak and Chicken House on the strip. I was hesitant to go there reading some bad reviews elsewhere but the place was just packed all the time so we tried it. It was good. The mashed potatoes were delicious. I'd eat there again. Billy Bob's is still about the same and good. We drove up to Springfield one day and ate at Lambert's on the way back and it was as good as it always is. I had a small chicken fried steak and could only eat 1/2 of it.

            Chicken House
            8 E State Road 99, Olpe, KS 66865

            Billy Bob's Bar
            112 W 7th St, Gregory, SD 57533

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              Three cheers for Lamberts. I love their chicken fried steak, fried okra, and those stewed tomatoes.

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                Lamberts is fun and a nice place to stop by. Gotta love the throwed rolls and all the odd tastings like chicken lips that they give you for free, It's a bit heavy on the fried stuff but they do actually have some tasty dishes.

            2. Sorry, I didn't pick up on this post earlier; I now live in the Ann Arbor, MI area. It always kinda' surprises me when the Branson subject comes up that no one mentions the Keeter Center at the Collage of the Ozarks. I think when someone mentions Branson, the tendency is to zone in on the town and not the surrounding area. Check it out. Just Google College of the Ozarks. The institution is a destination in its self and the decor, menu and wonderful view from the dining room is worth the short trip out of town.
              Please give it consideration.

              Keeter Center
              1 Opportunity Ave, Point Lookout, MO 65726

              1. I've been working here on-and-off this spring and summer and have "discovered" a couple of good places. Table 22 downtown on Hwy 76 is great food and two doors down is a wine shop with the same owner called Palate Fine Wines. Both are wonderful, well-managed, and staffed with very kind, helpful people. Vaskin's Deli on Hwy 248 on the north side of town has VERY good sandwiches and a little grocery section. The restaurant at College of the Ozarks is fantastic! There is a good sushi place (can't remember the name) on Hwy 76 across from WalMart and a very good Thai place called Thai Thai Cuisine on 76 next to Fuddrucker's as well.

                A note: "good" is relative here, if you know what I mean. Nothing is spectacular and, from what I hear from locals frustrated with local restaurant scene, many locals and tourists don't trust anything they perceive as "fancy" or "cheffy". New places trying to push the quality envelope aften come and go fairly quickly because of this distrust of what the typical Branson visitor and citizen may think of as "high-fallutin".

                I'm not trying to offend anyone -- just distilling 10-15 lengthy conversations I've had with locals about the eating scene here.

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                  james - I know EXACTLY what you mean. 'nuff said. wow you have a Thai place? dang. I'm jealous.