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Don Ricardo's (Peruvian) in the South End

Spike Apr 25, 2011 07:35 AM

We started w/ the plaintain appetizer (Maduros) that came with a great carrot sauce. Plaintains were nicely sweet.

The Fruto de Mar entree was a bit salty, but a relatively generic seafood over linguine with a slight tomato based sauce. The seafood wasn't that great...a few fish pieces taste a bit too fish and the shrimp was overcooked.

The Tallarin En Salsa Verde was basically a thin fried piece of chicken on top of fettucine with a pesto sauce.

The cups of water unfortunately had the taste of grease...not like plain tap water.

The place is very inexpensive and the hosts were friendly. Portions were big for what you got and food was very home-made feeling.

Don Ricardo's Restaurant
57 W Dedham St, Boston, MA 02118

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    DoubleMan Apr 25, 2011 07:47 AM

    My experiences have been the same - good prices and charming hosts. I never leave feeling is if I've been screwed (which can happen a lot in the south end), but also never leave with a strong desire to come back.

    I wish they'd make the menu more authentic rather than trying to make it more crowd-pleasing (and therefore generic).

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    1. re: DoubleMan
      Spike Apr 27, 2011 09:44 AM

      I wish they did more authentic stuff too. The two entrees we had were supposed to be chef's specialties, but it seemed like his take on italian frutti di mare and chicken vitello over pesto pasta... :-P

      The plaintains dish was excellent though :-)

      1. re: Spike
        treb Apr 27, 2011 10:11 AM

        Ever tried Rincon Limone in Eastie? Always fresh and prepared well.

        1. re: treb
          MC Slim JB Apr 27, 2011 10:33 AM

          Actually, that's Limeño, as in "resident or native of Lima". And while I like Don Ricardo's, RL does indeed do more traditional, better Peruvian food. (The Don is from Peru, but his chef is Brazilian.)


        2. re: Spike
          El Guapo Apr 27, 2011 12:04 PM

          For what its worth, knowing nothing of the quality at DRs, tallarines en salsa verde, usually served with a breaded piece of steak or chicken, is a traditional Peruvian dish.

      2. s
        Spike Apr 25, 2011 07:37 AM

        forgot photo of plantains

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