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Apr 25, 2011 07:32 AM

Northern Dutchess and Southern Columbia County restaurants, deli's, grocery stores, wine/liquor stores?

I'm moving to Northern Dutchess / Southern Columbia County near Pine Plains to open a farm distillery. I'm looking for the best places to eat, drink, and buy groceries. Fine dining, diners, local specialties, bars and pubs, the whole package. I'm so busy with the start-up that I can't just drive around the countryside and towns like I usually would when I move to a new place, looking for all the great little spots. Any and all suggestions will be gladly welcome. Thanks, Jonathan.

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  1. Hi JMF you are going to be a happy camper. You will have your pick of farmers markets and farms to choose from in additon to many other great spots. There are several threads already going if you have time to do a search. There are really too many places to name them all but below are a few off the top of my head that I like.


    IGA in Redhook just closed but there is a Hannafords in Red hook on 9 and Stop & Shop in Rhinebeck on 9. ( for breakfast lots of fun lots of locals during the week


    any of the church or firehouse breakfasts or bbq's ( apple pie
    )IGA in Red Hook just closed but there is a Hannafords in Red Hook on 9 and a Stop & Shop in Rhinebeck on 9

    1. You will find a lot of great food in the area, but my favorite restaurant is Mercato In Red Hook. Not one dish has been disappointing. Just superb. I also like Madalin's Table in Tivoli. Hudson is not far away and has some great choices, such as Swoon, Helsinki and Ca Mea. A longer trip but worthwhile are Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale and Carolina House in Kinderhook.

      1. most of the stuff you ask about has been discussed a lot here, so you can search for it but pine-plains specific:

        you're right by ronnybrook milk's production plants. the local ice cream place (scoop creamery) is owned by someone who married a ronnybrook nephew? (ronnybrook isn't their last name, i forget what it is).

        haven't been to stissing, "supposed" to have good food. but i have been to agriturismo,, which has good local food cooked really well and consistent by a nyc chef who's up here on the weekend (only open fri-sun).

        the local supermarket (next to scoop) has a bunch of local stuff in there, but i'd go elsewhere for regular needs.

        bunch o' people love red devon (all farm -> table) but i didn't find it amazing. that's not far from you. i'll go back, however, and do love their burger.

        and best restaurant 30 mins or so close to you? is probably serevan in amenia. i also really like elephant wine bar in kingston for the tapas.

        if you want beer, half time in POK has the best selection - umm, anywhere in the country? and you can buy bottles individually, or get 10 varieties on tap to go.

        but other than that, search here for poughkeepsie, rhinebeck, red hook, millerton, maybe millbrook for dutchess...columbia county, hudson is the big place.

        i'm responding b/c i got info. from your maine posts a couple years ago, so thanks!

        1. I'm from Rhinebeck which has more fabulous restaurants per square mile than anywhere around. Not that I'm impartial or anything!

          I am very interested in a farm distillery. Please, tell us more!!